Ples Singsing welcomes it’s first sponsors and announces its next writing competition

By Caroline Evari With only two weeks away from staging the Tingting Bilong Mi Essay competition awards ceremony, we were caught by surprise by prominent Papua New Guinean writer Daniel Kumbon posted a comment on March 25 at 11:42am, on the PNG Attitude blog Women triumph in first essay contest that read: “K5,000 will beContinue reading “Ples Singsing welcomes it’s first sponsors and announces its next writing competition”

Stori Bilong Ston

By Raymond Sigimet Mi stori long dispela stonSton i wankain olsem glasEm yu ken lukim yu yetOlsem mira blong hausDispela ston mi bin painimEm kamap olsem poroMi save lukautim gut truMi save holim wokabautMi save haitim long poketMi save karim long bilumMi save putim sait long miMi bin holim stap gut truBihain mi senisim tingtingStonContinue reading “Stori Bilong Ston”

The Perpetual Tears of Hela

By KOIVI R BIWA – 28 March 2021, Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude Once no cries were heard nor bitter tears shed,This time when ancients and babes mingled calm,Love and respect were their constant companions,When no one stood bewildered by enmity or anger But it happened that the tuneful war cries sounded,Heard, known, acceptedContinue reading “The Perpetual Tears of Hela”

Sana – You Shone as the Morning Star

By CHIEF MARK TONAR – 15 March 2021, Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude Chief Mark Tonar is a former kiap from the United Nauro Gor community in the Kundiawa-Gembogl area of Simbu. He is also a former Pangu Pati Simbu branch secretary (1982-1992). He has fond memories of meeting the late Grand Chief SomareContinue reading “Sana – You Shone as the Morning Star”

God had a spear, his name was Sana

By TANYA ZERIGA ALONE – 15 March 2021, Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude Innocent, bright eyed; we blinked in the Stone Age and happened in the Modern Era. Our forefathers could not have prepared us for this. How could they? But God had a spear – Michael Thomas Somare was your name. SANA. Peacemaker.Continue reading “God had a spear, his name was Sana”

Hanging Balls – you be the judge

By BAKA BINA – 25 May 2020, Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude PORT MORESBY – I had submitted this story to the Commonwealth Writers Prize for 2020. Three stories from Australia and New Zealand were on the short list. None of the Pacific islands entries made it. Like Thomas Hukahu has said, we in PapuaContinue reading “Hanging Balls – you be the judge”

How to make a bit of money as a book author in PNG

By JORDAN DEAN – 27 May 2019, Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude PORT MORESBY – Self-publishing is a blessing for Papua New Guinean writers. But, while CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle have eased our publishing woes, there are some downsides. Many PNG authors lack the business acumen and haven’t sold a single copy of their booksContinue reading “How to make a bit of money as a book author in PNG”

Essay contest delivered some useful lessons

By KEITH JACKSON – 23 March 2021, Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude NOOSA – The inaugural Tingting Bilong Mi [My Opinion] essay contest for Papua New Guinean writers under the age of 35 resulted in some great writing. The contest was the brainchild of Dr Michael Dom and the ‘Mastermind’ team and the topic asked the youngContinue reading “Essay contest delivered some useful lessons”

The Observations of Caroline Evari

A poetry book review MICHAEL DOM ‘Nanu Sina: My Words’, by Caroline Evari, Independently published (May 3, 2019) I HAD BEEN FOLLOWING Caroline’s poems on PNG Attitude for some time and was very glad to see her put out this book. Nanu Sina is presented in four sections, namely, Conflicts, Relationships, Hope and Family. IContinue reading “The Observations of Caroline Evari”