My Sister Celest

STEPHANIE ALOIS | Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude 05 April 2021 So I’ve said nothing, nothing at allabout our Celest. Maybe you heard?My sister’s such a disappointment.She goes off to school each dayin hope of a future bright and bold,Then comes home full of complaintabout clothes, stationery, friends, money. Alas! She spends like aContinue reading “My Sister Celest”

The life of a woman in PNG politics

DAME CAROL KIDU Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude 15 May 2021 Edited extracts of questions from a talk by Dame Carol Kidu at the University of Papua New Guinea on 23 April. Dame Carol was an MP for 15 years (1997-2012). The current PNG parliament  (2017-2022) has no women members in its 111 seats.Continue reading “The life of a woman in PNG politics”

Bride price today: abuse & exploitation

DUNCAN GABI | Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude 15 May 2021 MADANG – Bride price is a notable Melanesian tradition passed from one generation to another; it is a form of payment or dowry to the bride’s family by the groom. Traditionally, bride price was a gesture of appreciation towards the parents and relativesContinue reading “Bride price today: abuse & exploitation”

Culturally based leadership in contemporary Papua Niugini

LINGARD RAGIN “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one who gets the people to do the greatest things” – US President Ronald Reagan Leadership in contemporary PNG culture is entirely different between the Highlands and the Coastal societies. A leader in the Highlands is recognizedContinue reading “Culturally based leadership in contemporary Papua Niugini”


IN HONOR OF LATE Cr KURAI TAPUS OF KAIAP VILLAGE, WABAG Links here to a short story and new book about Kurai Tapus by Daniel Kumbon BROUGHT TO YOU BY PLES SINGSING & MR. PAUL KURAI, OWNER OF RIBITO GRILL & RESTARAUNT (PORT MORESBY) Instructions The person written about does not need to be famousContinue reading “ANNOUNCING THE KURAI MEMORIAL AWARDS FOR BIOGRAPHICAL SHORT STORIES”

The funny business of editing

By PHIL FITZPATRICK – 11 October 2019, Keith Jackson & Friends PNG Attitude TUMBY BAY – I like reading autobiographies and biographies, especially those relating to writers. I recently finished reading a biography of Joseph Heller, the American author of several novels, including the famous Catch 22. In the process I discovered that Heller was influencedContinue reading “The funny business of editing”