Now at last, the return of the legendary Telek

Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude 18 October 2022 In Kambek, Telek applies his hauntingly beautiful voice to traverse many musical styles and capture the spirit of the Tolai people. The album blends contemporary with Melanesian rhythms: the music enriched with island harmonies and textured environmental sounds MATTHEW FORD | Wantok Music MELBOURNE – George Mamua Telek, orContinue reading Now at last, the return of the legendary Telek

Thanks to Karen Otu and Douglas Dimagi of Kalang FM100 for the one hour interview yesterday where Ples Singsing was highlighted as we discussed the article “Tok Pisin as a language of literature” as well as other related topics on Tok Pisin, PNG writing and the future of PNG literary creativity.

The Life and Contribution of Sinake Giregire to PNG, circa 1937 – 4 January 2012

By   Wilson Thompson Orlegge, ML Sinake Giregire CSM, KBE, CBE, MBE (Jubilee and Independence medals) The life and contribution of the late Sir Sinake Giregire has been documented in many books, articles and newspapers. Even the National Library and National Archives of Australia have a separate file of many official documents and policies he wasContinue reading “The Life and Contribution of Sinake Giregire to PNG, circa 1937 – 4 January 2012”

PNG’s birthers: unrecognised & unresourced

DIANNE-MANDUI-MIRIO| My Land, My Country LAE – I was working at Ngasuapum village along the Lae Nadzab highway in the Huon Gulf electorate that I came across the two hardworking women. An old woman with grey hair was talking with another woman in her late fifties. Both caught my attention so, after my interviews were done,Continue reading “PNG’s birthers: unrecognised & unresourced”

Two questions long struggled with

By MICHAEL DOM – posted on PNG Attitude blog LAE – Power, power, power. Yeah, sure. In Papua New Guinea subsistence agriculture is a basic mode of living, resources are communally shared and political power is gained and maintained by the assurance of mutual benefit for all. It can be challenging to understand that theContinue reading “Two questions long struggled with”