A living legend of a typical man

By Paul Minga You don’t know how excited l was as a typical Papua New Guinean when unexpected news reached me that l would be travelling to Australia. Such news when reached a typical man’s ears – it is indeed a heart throbbing news that sends a typical  into orbit in space or another planetContinue reading “A living legend of a typical man”

29 days: Nanjikana & Qoloni’s big drift

JARED KOLI| Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation HONIARA – Livae Nanjikana and Junior Qoloni have beaten big odds in surviving 29 days lost at sea on a 400 km drift from Solomon Islands until their rescue off the coast of West New Britain last Saturday. The intended trip already had its risks, a 200 km seaContinue reading “29 days: Nanjikana & Qoloni’s big drift”

Significance of the centenary: history and commemoration of the Kokoda Campaign in Papua New Guinea

31 OCTOBER 2020 GREGORY BABLIS ‘History’ and ‘commemoration’ are distinguishable terms. For instance, while Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Australia share a history spurred from the events of the Kokoda Campaign, our analyses, understandings, perspectives and experiences of the war are subjective and thus different. Commemoration is centred on the present and is concerned withContinue reading “Significance of the centenary: history and commemoration of the Kokoda Campaign in Papua New Guinea”

Shared Military Heritage and Developing ‘Kokoda Culture’

29 October 2020 KIRSTIE CLOSE AND GREGORY BABLIS PORT MORESBY Efforts continue in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to preserve and protect World War Two heritage. In 2014, a team of Papua New Guinean researchers commenced work on an oral history project along the Kokoda Track, recording the memories of local people and families who hadContinue reading “Shared Military Heritage and Developing ‘Kokoda Culture’”