Porugl: Son of the Underworld

Book Review Phil Fitzpatrick Porugl: Son of the Underworld by Kamnguru Nem, Independently published, 183 pages, ISBN: 9798520442332. Available from Amazon Australia, ebook $25.94, paperback $42.83. A gigl ambu is a female spirit who lives in the underworld and travels into the outerworld, where humans live, to secretly forage for food at night. The underworldContinue reading “Porugl: Son of the Underworld”

BOOK REVIEW: A record explained, or rationalised?

MICHAEL KABUNI| Academia Nomad | Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude 07 May 2021 Sir Julius Chan: Playing the Game: Life and Politics in Papua New Guinea PORT MORESBY – As MP for Namatanai, Julius Chan was one of the founding fathers of Papua New Guinea, twice serving as prime minister (1980– 82 and 1994-97) and currentlyContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: A record explained, or rationalised?”

Sana: The making of a great man

DIANE HIRIMA & MINETTA KAKAREREAcademia Nomad | Edited posted 4th May 2021 on PNG Attitude Michael Somare: Sana, An Autobiography PORT MORESBY – Sana was first published in 1975, the year of Papua New Guinea’s independence. It traces Sir Michael Somare life from childhood to politics and his leading PNG to nationhood. Sana (peacemaker) is a metaphor for aContinue reading “Sana: The making of a great man”

The Rise of the NEW PNG WRITERS

By Shane Baiva Young PNG AUTHORS like Glen Burua, Edward E Isouve, Gerard William Ivalaoa and Nigel V Sine are rising to leave a mark for this Generation & Generations to come! I am excited, blessed & so humbled to see this young people doing what they love doing – WRITING & getting Published. InContinue reading “The Rise of the NEW PNG WRITERS”

Book written and typed on Phone

By Gerard Ivalaoa My name is Gerard Ivalaoa and I am happy to announce to you the publication of my first book. I have written this book, typed it on the phone and have engaged Shane Baiva Publications to publish it. The writing and publication of this book was really challenging, especially typing 85 000Continue reading “Book written and typed on Phone”

Charles Monckton – the trigger happy colonialist

Charles Monckton in 1907 BY BRADLEY GEWA | Academia Nomad Charles Monckton: Some Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate PORT MORESBY –Charles Arthur Whitmore Monckton (1873-1936) first arrived in the protectorate of British New Guinea (later known as Papua) in 1895 having been recruited from New Zealand as a magistrate. Upon Monckton’s arrival, Lieutenant-Governor SirContinue reading “Charles Monckton – the trigger happy colonialist”

Book Summary of John Keith McCarthy’s “Patrol into Yesterday: My New Guinea Years”

02 NOVEMBER 2020 PHYLISS PHILIP BABLIS Armed with his ‘bible’, a blue covered book called Standing Instructions which was issued to Cadets and Patrol Officers during pre-war days, John Keith McCarthy headed out into the big rugged island to the north of Australia. McCarthy was a government officer, soldier and writer. He was born onContinue reading “Book Summary of John Keith McCarthy’s “Patrol into Yesterday: My New Guinea Years””

Voices From The War: PNG Stories of The Kokoda Campaign

30 October 2020 TIMOTHY PIRINDUO PORT MORESBY World War Two (WWII) passed through our land, along the rugged, inhospitable terrains of the now iconic Kokoda Track, and the tales we read and heard were all about foreign armies who came, fought the war to leave a legend. 70 years on and little to nothing wasContinue reading “Voices From The War: PNG Stories of The Kokoda Campaign”