How to avoid leaving behind PNG’s 85%

19 July 2021 STEPHEN CHARTERIS “People build their nation and transform their society by being active creators, observers and participants inside it” – Michael Dom, ‘Put politics last: Let’s stop reversing evolution‘, 17 July 2021 CAIRNS – That is a statement to agree with. If we look at most cities and towns in Papua New Guinea,Continue reading “How to avoid leaving behind PNG’s 85%”

Put politics last: Let’s stop reversing evolution

17 July 2021 MICHAEL DOM LAE – How do we return Papua Niugini to a culture of Melanesian cooperation and how can the common people make those in power behave responsibly? According to the evolutionary perspective, the birthplace of democracy was the tribe. Indeed, tribalism is sometimes referred to as ‘primitive democracy’. I believe myContinue reading “Put politics last: Let’s stop reversing evolution”

Needed: A compact between govt & people

16 July 2021 STEPHEN CHARTERIS CAIRNS – Michael Dom is right (Two questions long struggled with) in asking how can Papua New Guinea return to cooperation and how can the common people hold power to account and keep it responsible? No one doubts the absolute necessity for a strong well-governed and administered political centre. AContinue reading “Needed: A compact between govt & people”

PNG must make people the centre of power

14 July 2021 STEPHEN CHARTERIS CAIRNS – Patrick Angrai’s article, Death of a Teacher, hit me hard too. Firstly sadness, then anger. Death in childbirth, through lack of timely referral or resources, is so horribly common in rural settings and often goes unreported. As Arthur Williams has said, how can this happen in such a resource richContinue reading “PNG must make people the centre of power”

Bougainville highlights need for a new PNG

09 July 2021 MARTYN NAMORONG| PNG Signal PORT MORESBY – Will Papua New Guinea break up if Bougainville is granted full independence? For some PNG leaders the threat of balkanization has shaped their attitudes towards Bougainville leaving the union of 850 tribes. One of them is prime minister James Marape, who recently pleaded with Bougainville’s leadersContinue reading “Bougainville highlights need for a new PNG”

Let’s change our election culture

JACKSON KIAKARI Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude 05 May 2021 The Port Moresby North-West by-election – for the late Sir Mekere Morauta’s former seat – will be fought out between 39 candidates on Wednesday 2 June. In Papua New Guinea terms, it is an unusual electorate: 75% of the population is literate; people fromContinue reading “Let’s change our election culture”

Can ATS repel the Chinese challenge?

By KEITH JACKSON – posted on PNG Attitude 03 May 2021 NOOSA – I thought this was going to be a good news story, but now I’m  not too sure. Late last week, Papua New Guinea prime minister James Marape seemed to move with lightning speed  to stop a developer evicting residents and destroying homesContinue reading “Can ATS repel the Chinese challenge?”