In pursuit of Melanesian jurisprudence

By DAVID GONOL – posted on the National PAPUA new Guinea is truly a unique country in the world. It is one of the most diverse countries in the world in terms of cultures and languages. I always unashamedly take huge pride in this beautiful and unique country.America may be the world leader in military,Continue reading “In pursuit of Melanesian jurisprudence”

Sir Peter Barter, great figure in PNG, dies at 82

GARRY ROCHE – posted on PNG Attitude blog MAYNOOTH, IRELAND – Sir Peter Barter, 82, who passed away in Cairns after a short illness on Wednesday 22 June, was well known and respected as a politician and businessman. It is widely acknowledged that he achieved much in his time especially for both Madang Town andContinue reading “Sir Peter Barter, great figure in PNG, dies at 82”

The season for beer, lamb flaps & clan loyalty

By MARTYN NAMORONG – PNG Attitude Blog| Linked In PORT MORESBY – Papua New Guinea goes to a national election in June with many people pinning their hopes on the outcome of the polls. The election is pivotal, not just in terms of bread and butter socio-economic issues but also in dealing with a final politicalContinue reading “The season for beer, lamb flaps & clan loyalty”

Election ‘22: Voter guide to how bad will oust good

KELA KAPKORA SIL BOLKIN – posted on PNG Attitude Blog PORT MORESBY – I want to talk about the kind of people who aspire to be national leaders and what might make them good leaders or not. Leaders shape our local level governments, districts, provinces and ultimately our entire nation. But the poor results on theContinue reading “Election ‘22: Voter guide to how bad will oust good”

40 years lost on useless reforms

JOE KETAN| My Land, My Country KUK – Public sector reform is an alien concept to the people of Papua New Guinea. The idea has been brought into countries like PNG by fly-by-night consultants, whose knowledge seems based almost exclusively on trendy paperbacks purchased at airport bookshops on their way to their new jobs inContinue reading “40 years lost on useless reforms”

Can ATS repel the Chinese challenge?

By KEITH JACKSON – posted on PNG Attitude 03 May 2021 NOOSA – I thought this was going to be a good news story, but now I’m  not too sure. Late last week, Papua New Guinea prime minister James Marape seemed to move with lightning speed  to stop a developer evicting residents and destroying homesContinue reading “Can ATS repel the Chinese challenge?”