Slow Down By Caroline Evari

Life can be on the fast lane for most people. It could be depressing and stressful. This poem is a great reminder to all of us to slow down and enjoy life while we can: StopTake a deep breathRelaxCalm downThinkRecollect your thoughtsSleepRest your musclesEatRegain your energyDrinkMotivate yourselfSlow down No need to juggle it allIt doesn’tContinue reading “Slow Down By Caroline Evari”

Esigu: Policeman, Leader, Governor

04 NOVEMBER 2020 GREGORY BABLIS Inspired by the leadership and politics of Sir John Guise as revealed in the recently released ‘Palace Letters’ Oh DiproseFor a businessmanYou were too verboseSpeaking out of lineWhen it was not your placeBrought back in lineBy a bigman of our times. A letter to irkSupposedly on behalf of ErrkTelling EsiguHisContinue reading “Esigu: Policeman, Leader, Governor”

Review by Martyn Namorong – The Voice of Michael Dom: Political, Powerful, Connected

REVIEW BY MARTYN NAMORONG AND OTHER READERS 02 NOVEMBER 2020 O Arise!: Poems on Papua New Guinea’s Politics & Society by Michael Dom, 54 pp. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, May 2015. ISBN-10: 1512039381. Available in hardcopy from Amazon, $5.40 WHAT is a Papua New Guinean writer but a warrior continuing the proud traditions of their ancestors,Continue reading “Review by Martyn Namorong – The Voice of Michael Dom: Political, Powerful, Connected”

Eh, Mi Seksek

31 OCTOBER 2020 MAIKEL DOM English translation follows the Tok Pisin original Eh, mi seksek long meri iaLek, han na lewa guriaTaim maus blong em singautim miTaim em lukluk long ai blong miBun bilong mi tanim wara Aiyo mama, aiyo lewa Meri em naispla samting ia Tasol nogut em less long mi             Eh, mi seksek! Ating long nait baiContinue reading “Eh, Mi Seksek”

Remember Me: An Ode for the Dead

30 October 2020 GREGORY BABLIS The living must honour the dead,         For they teach us the good and the bad.Times of sorrow and strife,         Are all a part of life. Though the world I may roam,         My mind is never far from home.Although I travel about,         My heart will always remain in Waut. We wereContinue reading “Remember Me: An Ode for the Dead”