Relishing Thoughts of Sago Starch

24 October 2020 MICHAEL DOM That’s the very sago itself  Decorate the muddy waters Those palms have spiky pines Will skewer like spears But when its trunk is felled Put your adze into it And water will cream up food That’s the very sago itself Oh man, ancestral crocs Must have dreamed well To seeContinue reading “Relishing Thoughts of Sago Starch”

Where Am I From?

23 October 2020 GREGORY BABLIS A poem about identity and unity and the thingsthat make us different yet interlink us I am from land,          from river, sea and mountain.I am from valley and volcano,          from chilly mountain breeze and steaming lava.I am from mother, father, uncle and aunty,          proud in traditions, passed through generations.I amContinue reading “Where Am I From?”

Salim Tingting Long Saksak

23 October 2020 MICHAEL DOM Em saksak tasol ia Bilas bilong doti wara Diwai bilong en igat nilnil Emi sut olsem supia Tasol taim em i silip Putim tamiok long mit Bai wara kamautim gris kaikai Em saksak tasol ia Olomania, tumbuna pukpuk Ating em i driman gut tru Long lukim meri Sepik Bilas bilongContinue reading “Salim Tingting Long Saksak”

See Here These Loose Threads

22 October 2020 MICHAEL THEOPHILUS DOM An entry in the Crocodile PrizeKina Securities Award for Poetry See here these loose threads, See how I hold them in my hands And how I roll them on my thigh? Tired and wrinkled they both are, My hands and thighs, But still strong enough For this work andContinue reading “See Here These Loose Threads”

Caroline Evari tells: ‘Nanu Sina’ came from deepest emotions

20 October 2020 LEIAO GEREGA | PNG Post-Courier PORT MORESBY – Imagine reading through a collection of poems only to find out that they were written throughout a decade by a young woman struggling through life. The 85-page book of poems mostly came as an extraction from a young writer’s Grades 11 and 12 schoolContinue reading “Caroline Evari tells: ‘Nanu Sina’ came from deepest emotions”

Tok-singsing: danis bilongyumi iet

19 October 2020 Michael Dom Strangers teach you to sing songs and march to a drum that they own To reject your garamut, your kundu and the stilled speech of wood Their soporific chorus dulls your mind and cheats your Black soul. Sijo on loss of culture (O Arise, 2015) It is recognized that mostContinue reading “Tok-singsing: danis bilongyumi iet”

“Re-thing and reclaim our own approaches” to express our story

19 October 2020 Michael Dom LAE – In her review of my poem collection 26 sonnets (available for free on PNG Attitude) Professor Konai Helu Thaman of the University of Hawaii provided a task to Papua Niuginian writers which I believe is central to our current dual objectives which are to, firstly, make our ownContinue reading ““Re-thing and reclaim our own approaches” to express our story”