Sonnet#101: Put crabs in Willy’s boxes

Celebrate World Poetry Day with this poetic essay in modern sonnet form by Michael Dom “In fairness however, in the contest between free verse and so-called fixed forms, many modernists did reject the sonnet as an over-rehearsed exercise. William Carlos Williams famously shunned it as an artificial frame imprisoning the energy of modern America, famouslyContinue reading “Sonnet#101: Put crabs in Willy’s boxes”

We are one and the same

Celebrate World Poetry Day with this magnificent poem by Kaija Aroga, author of Bill Belfast short stories A late entry in the World Environment Day 2022 Mini-Poetry Competition, the adjudicator, Samoan poetess, journalist and dramatist, Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i, said that in this poem Ms. Aroga shows us how to avoid “the throng of environmentalContinue reading “We are one and the same”

Two recent poems by Jimmy Awagl

The Cracking Dawn A fading darkness embracing the earth Segregating the earth before sunrise As the eyes of the bleeding flame Glow in the hanging fog Scattered moisture departing tree tops A lone placid sea turns blood With the ink of the heavenly flame As the infant dawn casts its shadow Commanding the wind toContinue reading “Two recent poems by Jimmy Awagl”