Ples Singsing mourns the death of Hon. Sam Basil May he rest in eternal peace

Our sincere condolences to his immediate family and friends, and to the people of his electorate in Bulolo Open, and colleagues in the United Labour Party. Mipela itok sori tru long famili na poro, na long ol pipol bilong elektoret long Bulolo Open, na tu long ol wanwok bilong em long United Labour Pati.

The third Mini-poetry Competition for World Environment Day – Coming soon!

Making waves in 2021 with Tongan poet Karlo Mila na tanim tokpisin wantaim Benjamin Mane long 2020 LAST year, there were very few entrants in the mini-poetry competition, only four entrees actually, but that was a step up from the first contest, for which we had only one entrant. Maybe the number of entrees wasContinue reading “The third Mini-poetry Competition for World Environment Day – Coming soon!”

August 15th was Ples Singsing Blog’s Conception Day

Gregory Bablis established our blogsite on the WordPress Platform in 2020, while he was in Edinburgh, Scotland, preparing for PhD research. This blog is also run by Caroline Evari, Betty Wakia and Michael Dom. It has been an exceptionally rewarding first year of blogging and we look forward to more posts, writers activities and awardsContinue reading “August 15th was Ples Singsing Blog’s Conception Day”

Voices from the War: Stories from Milne Bay

08 NOVEMBER 2020 CATHERINE NOLAN (Editor) NOTICE This short book comprises some of the experiences and encounters that the people of Milne Bay Province had during the time when World War Two came to Papua New Guinea. The men and women whose stories are included in the book took part in a study during MarchContinue reading “Voices from the War: Stories from Milne Bay”

Aisoli Salin of New Ireland: Memories of a Great Teacher

08 NOVEMBER 2020 Notice Compiled by Jonathan Ritchie from conversations with Aisoli Salins’ family and pupils, 2019 This book tells the story of one of Papua New Guinea’s first leaders, Aisoli Salin from New Ireland. It has been written from the memories of late Aisoli Salin’s family members, living on the islands of Tatau andContinue reading “Aisoli Salin of New Ireland: Memories of a Great Teacher”