The story of Chief John, poet & radical

MULAI ROBBY | The National Weekender, 21 May 2023 [PNG Attitude] PORT MORESBY – Her voice rose high and echoed in the big hall of the Reverend Sione Kami Memorial Church, drowning the noise of the heavy rain thudding on the roof. The woman dedicated her song to the man she addressed as the fatherContinue reading “The story of Chief John, poet & radical”

Ples Singsing mourns the loss of Chief John Kasaipwalova, poet & radical

May he always find his way home sailing the midnight sun. Reluctant Flame, v14 “People will live, people will die But the tiny flame will grow its arms and legs very slowly Until one day its volcanic pulse will tear the gree mountain apart To allow pentup blood flow and congested vomit spit freely TinyContinue reading “Ples Singsing mourns the loss of Chief John Kasaipwalova, poet & radical”

Kurai Memorial Awards Judging is in progress

Next week we will meet our three judges for Ples Singsing’s inaugural awards for short-biography writing. The judges are professional writers and avid fiction readers, who are recognised as Wantok Blong Ples Singsing (Associate Members). The judges will bring to bear their own wealth of knowledge and experience in writing, editing and publishing of fictionContinue reading “Kurai Memorial Awards Judging is in progress”

Kurai Memorial Awards Announcement

The entry period has closed and we are now collating the entries to prepare for judging. Toksave that while we will endevour to have the entries judged before December 1 in order to get the best out of our judging process (which is all done on a voluntary basis) we may extend the delivery periodContinue reading “Kurai Memorial Awards Announcement”

Sumatin Magazine Issue #002 July 2022

IN THIS SECOND ISSUE we look back at the start of Papua Niugini’s literary history, with retrospective articles from academic scholars and old students of the ‘father of PNG literature’, Ulrich Horst Beier. We do this in order to ‘give back to PNG what we already have’ – a rich heritage of literary work emergingContinue reading “Sumatin Magazine Issue #002 July 2022”

Ples Singsing igat bikpela bel sori tru long lainim olsem Sir Peter Barter emi lusim yumi olgeta long dispela dei 22 June, 2022

Mipela givim tok sori igo long ol famili, poroman-meri na ol pipol bilong em long Madang. Sir Peter Barter emi wanpela gutpela lida, bisinis man na papa tru isave givim bel na sevis igo long ol pipol bilong em. Anutu i save gut tru long em na bai givim em gutpela malolo.