Galas-lukluk igat hapsait istap

Michael Dom (Tok Pisin translation) Wanpela taim mi laik opim maus long toktok Mi harim tokples mi nogat save long en Mi igo long waswas haus na lukim mi iet Long galas-lukluk i soim skai antap tu Mi hamamas long lukim pes bliong mi iet Na mekim nek olsem, “Oh emi yu tasol, Mi tingContinue reading “Galas-lukluk igat hapsait istap”

Sonet bilong pasin na save (raitim long Lindsay F Bond)

Michael Dom (Tok Pisin translation) Kompas bilong makim rot emi hangamap Long pinga bilong han ibin brukim banis Em han bilong tewel mi iet haitim istap Tewel save soim tit long mi long driman Klaut tutak bilong em mekim sikin i kol Taim mi sanap long dua na galasim em Kompas emi hangamap klostu truContinue reading “Sonet bilong pasin na save (raitim long Lindsay F Bond)”

The god of truth is dead so speak your own

Michael Dom The truth does not belong to you, my dear, It lives and breathes inside us all. And what You say is yours to speak, for which you dare Force us to share, when a fraction of it Does not compute the sum of nor compare To the fullness of life, where each remitsContinue reading “The god of truth is dead so speak your own”

An hour by the Kepesia  Rocky Beach

By Alphonse M Huvi I see the sea shore washed away like the bulldozer clearing the land I watched in agony as the treasured trees nearby were washed away like logging taking place Like a marbles clanging against each other, the pebbles rejoiced over the splashing salt water Sea waves rushing towards the land likeContinue reading An hour by the Kepesia  Rocky Beach

Two poems from Telly Orekavala

Too much freedom stings Freedom is a human need It gives us our rights The right to live Freedom of speech Freedom of Association Freedom of movement But also the right to abuse it Too much freedom stings Man talk about it Man sing about it Man dream about it When freedom is deprived PeopleContinue reading “Two poems from Telly Orekavala”

Roads of Scars

BY FIDELMA SAEVARU Like words on a blank white page They stretch across my once clean pad Extending upward, sideways and in random arrays Some large, others so tiny you cannot trace Intersecting at certain junctions Avoiding corners and mere dead ends. Junctions of betrayal, Cross roads of pain, Drains of hurt, Potholes of depression.Continue reading “Roads of Scars”

We stand in unity

BY JOSEPH TAMBURE Brothers, sisters and colleagues From highlands, coastals, islands and swamps In 22 provinces and 180 dialects When a matter of national interest We stand upright in unity We showcase our national colors each year With 180 rhythms display our love of unity Blue mountains to shining coast across islands A sense ofContinue reading “We stand in unity”

Post-hoc poem dedication to Francis Sina Nii

Yesterday we dreamed MICHAEL DOM Ten years ago on September 15 the inaugural Crocodile Prize awards ceremony was held at the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby. That was the first time I met Francis. Ples Singsing is inspired by his selfless example as a senior writer, poet, essayist, editor and publisher who helped manyContinue reading “Post-hoc poem dedication to Francis Sina Nii”