An interview with wayfinding poetess Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i

MICHAEL DOM MY GRANDFATHER IS A CANOE was published in July of this year and is the first solo book by Samoan wayfinding poetess Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i, published under Flying Geese Pro. Felolini’s very first appearance as a poet in print was in ‘Fika – a fictional body of new writing by First DraftContinue reading “An interview with wayfinding poetess Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i”

Age-old wayfinding for new-age challenges

BY MICHAEL DOM “Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i’s captivating debut poetry collection is a waka to enter; sit and take in the vista of her world and the world of the greatest moana on the planet. Here is a waka to shelter in, to feel the roll and swell of aroha and grief, joy and theContinue reading “Age-old wayfinding for new-age challenges”

Independence poetry by Elizah Duna

Forty five Forty five years of Independence, not as colony. We are free from colonial rulers. Forty five years of unity, not division. We are free from colonial rulers. Forty five years of freedom, not captivity. We are free from colonial rulers. Forty five years of justice, not injustice. We are free from colonial rulers.Continue reading “Independence poetry by Elizah Duna”


By Lorna Saguba ‘Bride Price’ Is your WORD, your DEFINITION! Not our Language, Your perception, Instilled in our people, Twisted our reactions, Sold as our TRUTH, And yet, ‘Bride price’ is not our Word, our Language. About UN-CHERISHED lives. Your Perception. ‘GIFT’ Is our WORD, Our DEFINITION! Our Language, Our perception, In realizing GAIN andContinue reading “BRIDE PRICE?”

What is happening to Mother Nature?

By Kesia Erick Third place World Environment Day Poetry My name is Kesia Erick and I come from Hube LLG (Pindiu) in Finschaffen District of Morobe Province. I am 21 year old studying Language and literature at the University of Goroka, and I tend to love writing poems, short stories as well as reading books.Continue reading “What is happening to Mother Nature?”