Kindly Kindle became a greedy book monster

In Amazon’s early days there was a hint of a benevolent and philanthropic spirit in its business model, but the ogre of profit at all costs has overtaken all other considerations PHILIP FITZPATRICK – posted on PNG Attitude Blog TUMBY BAY – Michael Dom and I have just endured an incredibly dispiriting battle with AmazonContinue reading “Kindly Kindle became a greedy book monster”

My Walk to Equality – voices of wisdom, optimism and hope

TRISH NICHOLSON – posted on 19/01/2017 PNG Attitude blog My Walk to Equality, edited by Rashmii Amoah Bell, Pukpuk Publications, 278 pages. Paperback $US10.53 or Kindle $US1.00. ISBN-10: 1542429242. ISBN-13: 978-1542429245. Available here from Amazon MY Walk to Equality is a remarkable achievement. Not only as Papua New Guinea’s first anthology of women writers but also forContinue reading “My Walk to Equality – voices of wisdom, optimism and hope”

Ex-kiap author shortlisted for UK award

By KEITH JACKSON – posted on PNG Attitude blog Death of a Coast Watcher by Anthony English, Monsoon Books, Burrough on the Hill Leics UK, 2020, 479 pages. Kindle $9.56, paperback $22.75 from Amazon Books NOOSA – A psychological thriller with a strong connection to wartime events in Papua New Guinea has been shortlisted by the London-basedContinue reading “Ex-kiap author shortlisted for UK award”

Mutiny that saved PNG: Singirok’s new book

RAE KATAHA SMART – posted on PNG Attitude Blog A Matter of Conscience: Operation Rausim Kwik by Major-General Jerry Singirok, Partridge Publishing, Singapore, February 2022, 636 pages. Available from Amazon: hardcover $100, paperback $72.95 or email Rae Smart here for more information TEWANTIN QLD – At last the book by Major-General Jerry Singirok on the Bougainville conflict and theContinue reading “Mutiny that saved PNG: Singirok’s new book”

Porugl: Son of the Underworld

Book Review Phil Fitzpatrick Porugl: Son of the Underworld by Kamnguru Nem, Independently published, 183 pages, ISBN: 9798520442332. Available from Amazon Australia, ebook $25.94, paperback $42.83. A gigl ambu is a female spirit who lives in the underworld and travels into the outerworld, where humans live, to secretly forage for food at night. The underworldContinue reading “Porugl: Son of the Underworld”

Of writers, publishers & self-publishers

By PHIL FITZPATRICK – 26 February 2020, Keith Jackson & Friends PNG Attitude TUMBY BAY – Herman Melville (1819-91) published his famous novel, ‘Moby Dick’, in 1851. Sales were very slow. The novel was out of print during the last four years of his life, having sold 2,300 copies in its first 18 months and anContinue reading “Of writers, publishers & self-publishers”