Porugl: Son of the Underworld

Book Review Phil Fitzpatrick Porugl: Son of the Underworld by Kamnguru Nem, Independently published, 183 pages, ISBN: 9798520442332. Available from Amazon Australia, ebook $25.94, paperback $42.83. A gigl ambu is a female spirit who lives in the underworld and travels into the outerworld, where humans live, to secretly forage for food at night. The underworldContinue reading “Porugl: Son of the Underworld”

Of writers, publishers & self-publishers

By PHIL FITZPATRICK – 26 February 2020, Keith Jackson & Friends PNG Attitude TUMBY BAY – Herman Melville (1819-91) published his famous novel, ‘Moby Dick’, in 1851. Sales were very slow. The novel was out of print during the last four years of his life, having sold 2,300 copies in its first 18 months and anContinue reading “Of writers, publishers & self-publishers”