The Growth of Papua New Guinea Literature

Kesia Erick Artists have always played an important role in societies, both traditional and modern. The works of one kind of artist are collectively known as literature. Every society, culture, country has its own literary tradition and its own collection of literature. Thus, we can speak and read of American Literature, English Literature, Australian LiteratureContinue reading “The Growth of Papua New Guinea Literature”

Age-old wayfinding for new-age challenges

BY MICHAEL DOM “Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i’s captivating debut poetry collection is a waka to enter; sit and take in the vista of her world and the world of the greatest moana on the planet. Here is a waka to shelter in, to feel the roll and swell of aroha and grief, joy and theContinue reading “Age-old wayfinding for new-age challenges”

Short-story for International Literacy Day

A trip to the river BY ISSABELLE VILAU ‘Hurry up, come on lets go!’I heard my big brother Angna, screaming on top of his lungs ordering, everyone to get of of the house. ‘Were coming’ my cousins and I responded, as we all ran out the house, with our bag of clothes and a bilumContinue reading “Short-story for International Literacy Day”

Literacy, a blessing taken for granted

By Megan Fiu Ra’vu Did you know, there is an estimate of over 773 million adults around the world who are illiterate? That’s not just it, United States, the most powerful and developed country in the world has an estimated 32 million American adults who are illiterate. That’s quite shocking right? Okay, now try imagineContinue reading “Literacy, a blessing taken for granted”

Birth. School. Life or Death. Na takis bilong gavman?

BY JULIUS JETHRO An opinion article on education from one perspective of youths Why education if you can’t find yourself in colleges or university? What is an education? Why does one need knowledge to aid one’s survival? How long has the education existed on earth? Who is to be educated by whom? Where can oneContinue reading “Birth. School. Life or Death. Na takis bilong gavman?”

Open your mind, read & write

By CAROLINE EVARI – posted on PNG Attitude blog on 23 August 2021 PORT MORESBY – The month of August is a significant month in Papua New Guinea for authors and schools. It is during this month that schools celebrate Book Week, and this year I was privileged to launch the Book Week program atContinue reading “Open your mind, read & write”

Independence poetry by Elizah Duna

Forty five Forty five years of Independence, not as colony. We are free from colonial rulers. Forty five years of unity, not division. We are free from colonial rulers. Forty five years of freedom, not captivity. We are free from colonial rulers. Forty five years of justice, not injustice. We are free from colonial rulers.Continue reading “Independence poetry by Elizah Duna”

Local authored books will embrace Papua New Guinea

SHEENA PUAYIL | Tingting BIlong Mi Essay 2020 entry In the libraries of many higher institutions, as well as on the shelves and tables of numerous elementary, primary and secondary schools around the country, there is countless number of foreign books. This may mean that our government has overlooked the books which are being writtenContinue reading “Local authored books will embrace Papua New Guinea”

A time for advancement in PNG’s literary community

GENESIS NAKE | Tingting Bilong Mi Essay 2020 entry I am sometimes, too much of a bookworm. I prefer time alone, with a good book over any day out with friends. Experiencing new feelings, exploring new places, becoming a different person is something I crave. And I know I am not the only one whoContinue reading “A time for advancement in PNG’s literary community”