In pursuit of Melanesian jurisprudence

By DAVID GONOL – posted on the National PAPUA new Guinea is truly a unique country in the world. It is one of the most diverse countries in the world in terms of cultures and languages. I always unashamedly take huge pride in this beautiful and unique country.America may be the world leader in military,Continue reading “In pursuit of Melanesian jurisprudence”

Poetry reviews: persistent & emerging voices

Raymond Sigimet’s sparks of brilliance now and then set the page ablaze MICHAEL DOM Mirror On The Wall: selected poems, short stories and expositions by Raymond Muso Sigimet. JDT Publications, Port Moresby, 2018. 92 pp. ISBN-13: 978-1724-22-495-8. Amazon Books, paperback $7.41 A Window To My House: Collection of Poems by Raymond Muso Sigimet. JDT Publications,Continue reading “Poetry reviews: persistent & emerging voices”

A new poem for the 2022 election period

Yumi save laikim suga Michael Dom | Ples Singsing Writers & Associates Yumi Papua Niugini man-meri Yumi save laikim suga Laikim suga wantaim ti Laikim suga wantaim kopi Laikim suga long kaikai Laikim suga blong loli Laikim kola na pepsi Laikim swit moa Rum n’ Berry Laikim Kopiko na laikim Lipo Em igo stret wantaimContinue reading “A new poem for the 2022 election period”

Kindly Kindle became a greedy book monster

In Amazon’s early days there was a hint of a benevolent and philanthropic spirit in its business model, but the ogre of profit at all costs has overtaken all other considerations PHILIP FITZPATRICK – posted on PNG Attitude Blog TUMBY BAY – Michael Dom and I have just endured an incredibly dispiriting battle with AmazonContinue reading “Kindly Kindle became a greedy book monster”

Ensuring the literary embers still burn bright

Despite the setbacks and difficulties, sparkling embers still burn in the fireplace of Papua New Guinean literature. Rait ples, rait papagraun, rait pipol. Right place, right heritage, right people. In Tok Pisin rait is also ‘write’ – Keith Jackson MICHAEL DOM – posted on PNG Attitude blog LAE – Around the middle of June, Ples Singsing Writers &Continue reading “Ensuring the literary embers still burn bright”

Global First As Young Eswatini Writer Ntsika Kota Wins 2022 Commonwealth Short Story Prize

By Ruth Killick – The Nigerian Voice 29-year-old newcomer makes history as first winner from Eswatini Kota’s story ‘and the earth drank deep’ depicts a group of hunter-gatherers encountering threats from wild animals, disease and unexpected death Winning story praised for ‘putting “evil” on display without interrogation or judgement’ Twenty-nine-year-old Ntsika Kota has today been announcedContinue reading “Global First As Young Eswatini Writer Ntsika Kota Wins 2022 Commonwealth Short Story Prize”

Dom’s poetry receives Pacific praise

FAUMUINA FELOLINI MARIA TAFUNA’I| Flying Geese Productions CHRISTCHURCH – Poet Michael Dom’s two newest books are being praised for their illumination of life in Papua New Guinea and as a “treasure chest of a special type of poetry”. Dried Grass over Rough Cut Logs and 26 Sonnets: Contemporary Papua New Guinean Poetry were launched this month. Veteran writer ProfessorContinue reading “Dom’s poetry receives Pacific praise”

My Walk to Equality – voices of wisdom, optimism and hope

TRISH NICHOLSON – posted on 19/01/2017 PNG Attitude blog My Walk to Equality, edited by Rashmii Amoah Bell, Pukpuk Publications, 278 pages. Paperback $US10.53 or Kindle $US1.00. ISBN-10: 1542429242. ISBN-13: 978-1542429245. Available here from Amazon MY Walk to Equality is a remarkable achievement. Not only as Papua New Guinea’s first anthology of women writers but also forContinue reading “My Walk to Equality – voices of wisdom, optimism and hope”

Blake Giyomwanauri imagines the loss of the Pig-nosed Turtle

A poem entered in the Mini-Poetry competition for World Environment Day, 2022 “The pig-nosed turtle (Carettochelys insculpta), also known as the pitted-shelled turtle or Fly River turtle, is a species of turtle native to northern Australia and southern New Guinea. It is the only living member of the family Carettochelyidae, which are related to softshell turtles.” (Wikipedia). The turtle features on the five-toea coin. “In Australia, the turtle suffersContinue reading “Blake Giyomwanauri imagines the loss of the Pig-nosed Turtle”