PNG, lest we forget

A poem by Jason Paisoi Our freedom was given on a golden plate, The colloquial, land of the unexpected, we mustn’t contemplate, It’s the richness of our land that we are now free to celebrate, Our natural resources are a wise discretion, independence was forged on that date. Clothed with evincive patriotism, Our dreams wereContinue reading “PNG, lest we forget”

Highlighting the poetry of Lydia Gah

Behind the veil Melanesian Culture Shrouded behind the Mysticism of Melanesian culture, Lies an untouchable Monster. Racking lives of blossoming Roses, Once the pride of families, clans and tribes. Towering menacingly high above dark clouds, Onlookers simply and indifferently look on, As if paralysed knowing not what to do, For they say, “it is theContinue reading “Highlighting the poetry of Lydia Gah”

Tok-singsing blong lusim haus krai bilong Kwin Elizabeth II

A poem for departing the house of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II By Michael Dom Dieu et mon droit, Elizabeth Regina Elizabeth the Great, dieu et mon droit Elizabeth Regina, peace not might Your Majesty, you were our one true Queen A queen that it was our honor to have seen You kept your faithContinue reading “Tok-singsing blong lusim haus krai bilong Kwin Elizabeth II”

The political economy of a pig farmers life

POEMS BY MICHAEL DOM Chapter 1, 28 December 2012 Until you have seen your hands blistering Until you have felt sweat break like fever Before another new gardens planting Until you have cleaned the piss and manure Cut, carried and replaced sodden bedding Until you have closed the sow with the boar Until then youContinue reading “The political economy of a pig farmers life”

Man with two wives, tributes to womenfolk who support for peace

A poem by Joseph Tambure Man Bilong Tupla Bilum Lukim man bilong tupla bilum Em sanap namel long ples singsing Nogat poret na sem no wari tu Em kisim strong long tupla bilum bilong em Sanap namel long hevi na birua No laik long harem tokpait na tokbasait Em laik soim rot long bel isiContinue reading “Man with two wives, tributes to womenfolk who support for peace”

Raymond Sigimet wonders where Superman went

A new poem A poem by Raymond Sigimet Superman Where is Superman when you need him To mend the fence when it is broken Or lift the load when it is laden I heard he’s fat and too weak to trim Where is Superman when I need him To tell me it’s okay in theContinue reading “Raymond Sigimet wonders where Superman went”

Lorraine Kluki declaims the denaturing effect of science and embraces natures vitality

Entries in the Mini-Poetry for World Environment Day 2022 Two poems by Lorraine Kluki An Invaded Home In pursuit of science The bosom of the Father Fades with the wheel of time. Fame and fortune have dethroned the son’s obligation. To inherit, watch and yield the estate given to him, from his father before hisContinue reading “Lorraine Kluki declaims the denaturing effect of science and embraces natures vitality”

Sumatin Magazine Issue #002 July 2022

IN THIS SECOND ISSUE we look back at the start of Papua Niugini’s literary history, with retrospective articles from academic scholars and old students of the ‘father of PNG literature’, Ulrich Horst Beier. We do this in order to ‘give back to PNG what we already have’ – a rich heritage of literary work emergingContinue reading “Sumatin Magazine Issue #002 July 2022”

Poetry reviews: Lamentations on the joy of youth

MICHAEL DOM Cry My Beloved Country, Collection of Poems and Prose 1998 – 2018, Telly Orekavala, JDT Publishing, Port Moresby, February 2019, ISBN-13: 978-1797-08-275-2 Kindle Direct Publishing, USA, 76pp. Available on Amazon $3.59 THERE are many different ways to interpret a collection of poems and prose, and so writing about such a book, for me,Continue reading “Poetry reviews: Lamentations on the joy of youth”