Hurting after their divorce

20 October 2020 Liceanne Utah New Erima Primary School, NCD – SINCE Papua New Guinea is into this so called gender-based violence, no one cares about what’s going on in the minds of children when parents are separated or divorced.Family is all that matters to children. They wish that they would have a happy normalContinue reading “Hurting after their divorce”

An Abortion She Regretted

20 October 2020 Korina Posikei New Erima Primary School, NCD – THE last thing she saw was the ceiling light. She was injected with something and the room started spinning and growing smaller and then she suddenly fell asleep.She woke up with pins and needles all over her body, she could neither talk nor feelContinue reading “An Abortion She Regretted”

Tok-singsing: danis bilongyumi iet

19 October 2020 Michael Dom Strangers teach you to sing songs and march to a drum that they own To reject your garamut, your kundu and the stilled speech of wood Their soporific chorus dulls your mind and cheats your Black soul. Sijo on loss of culture (O Arise, 2015) It is recognized that mostContinue reading “Tok-singsing: danis bilongyumi iet”

The Historicity of Orality

19 October 2020 Papua New Guineans must unite to create their own history. Papua New Guineans must speak to establish their own history. Papua New Guineans must write to establish their own history. Papua New Guineans must dare to create to make their own history. – – Bernard Mullu Narokobi, 1980 GREGORY BABLIS History isContinue reading “The Historicity of Orality”

Students Writing to Support Their School

19 October 2020 This year, the Education Department has transferred the functions of schools in the nation’s capital to the National Capital District Commission (NCDC). NCD Governor Powes Parkop believes that this will improve the level of education and will also solve imminent problems currently faced by schools in Port Moresby. One such school thatContinue reading “Students Writing to Support Their School”

“Re-thing and reclaim our own approaches” to express our story

19 October 2020 Michael Dom LAE – In her review of my poem collection 26 sonnets (available for free on PNG Attitude) Professor Konai Helu Thaman of the University of Hawaii provided a task to Papua Niuginian writers which I believe is central to our current dual objectives which are to, firstly, make our ownContinue reading ““Re-thing and reclaim our own approaches” to express our story”