Our Motherland, habitat for flora and fauna by Megan Fiu Ra’vu

Honorable mention World Environment Day Poetry My name is Megan Fiu Ra’vu. I am mix parentage of Central and Milne Bay. I always loved writing poems since I was a kid however as I grew older and with the introduction of new technology, I totally lost interest in reading and mainly writing poems and stories.Continue reading “Our Motherland, habitat for flora and fauna by Megan Fiu Ra’vu”

ESSAY: Compensation payment undermines justice in PNG

JIMAIMAH WAFI Compensation is a way of settling disputes between two parties. Compensation is typically money awarded to someone in recognition of loss, suffering or injury. In Papua New Guinea (PNG) compensation is becoming common for settling disputes and making peace between two parties. Compensation is provided for different reasons, for example, homicide compensation, workersContinue reading “ESSAY: Compensation payment undermines justice in PNG”

SHORT-STORY: Whistles from another world

BY MATHISAH TURI Don’t whistle at night, they say, for you never know who might respond. Especially at night when darkness rules and silence is at it’s greatest. Ten year old Irai had not learned of this superstition. But she knew of the existence of the world beyond ours, where no humans dwell. She sawContinue reading “SHORT-STORY: Whistles from another world”

BOOK REVIEW: A record explained, or rationalised?

MICHAEL KABUNI| Academia Nomad | Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude 07 May 2021 Sir Julius Chan: Playing the Game: Life and Politics in Papua New Guinea PORT MORESBY – As MP for Namatanai, Julius Chan was one of the founding fathers of Papua New Guinea, twice serving as prime minister (1980– 82 and 1994-97) and currentlyContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: A record explained, or rationalised?”

Christianity seems to have failed us badly

KELA KAPKORA SIL BOLKIN Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude, 06 May 2021 PORT MORESBY – At independence the constitution of Papua New Guinea did not separate church and state. In fact, the constitution declared Christian values as a decent custom to be adopted, upheld and passed on to the next generation. Besides, the constitutionContinue reading “Christianity seems to have failed us badly”

Implications of Unequal Sexual Power faced by PNG wives

BANABAS MENEI Sex in marriages or sex between a husband and a wife is undeniably a contentious issue of research and formal discussion. From a cultural perspective, in many cases, Papua New Guineans are strong believers that whatever that happens in a marriage is private. On one hand, there are arguments that lack of sexContinue reading “Implications of Unequal Sexual Power faced by PNG wives”

Reading eclectically is good for the mind

By SIMON DAVIDSON – PNG Attitude 05 May 2021 SONOMA – Reading eclectically is to read books from diverse sources of knowledge – reading a bit of something from everything. An eclectic reader reads some philosophy, some law, some accounting, and takes a dive into politics, economics, religion, poetry, computer science, political theory, rocket propulsion….Continue reading “Reading eclectically is good for the mind”

Inaugural Award Ceremony of Tingting Bilong Mi Essay Competition

LINDA MUROM The inaugural awards ceremony of the Ples Singsing Blog’s Tingting Bilong Mi 2020 Essay Competition took place at the Ribito Grill and Restaurant on Saturday 10th of April. Present at the event were essayist and their guests, along with the four Ples Singsing Masterminds and special guest Ms. Imelda Griffin, a writer/poet andContinue reading “Inaugural Award Ceremony of Tingting Bilong Mi Essay Competition”

Open minded & not afraid of criticism to become writer

By Vilousha Hahembe I’d like to start by expressing my deepest appreciation to the Ples Singsing Masterminds for hosting the Tingting Bilong Mi essay competition. It has given many young talented Papua New Guineans a platform to express their opinions about the originality of PNG authors. My experience in the essay competition gave me aContinue reading “Open minded & not afraid of criticism to become writer”