BROUGHT TO YOU BY PLES SINGSING FOR ALL SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN FROM 8 TO 18 YEARS OLD Write a poem for World Environment Day on June 5th. The poem may be in English or in Tok Pisin and we want you to try your hand at translating the poem from or to either language. ForContinue reading “ANNOUNCING THE 2ND POETRY MINI-CONTEST”

A safe place for Paulina and Jerry

*A story about Domestic Violence, how it affects women and children, and the options available for getting help Paulina’s father was a violent man. Every night, he would come home drunk, argue with her mother, and beat her up. Seeing this, Paulina would grab her brother Jerry by his hand, run into her room, lockContinue reading “A safe place for Paulina and Jerry”

Kaiwa and Marumaru the Dwarf

29 October 2020 SANDRAH ISSACH NEW ERIMA PRIMARY SCHOOL, NCD There once was a man named Kaiwa. He lived in Efogi, a Mountain Koiari village in Central Province. Kaiwa loved gardening and worked in his garden plot most days. Many a time, while he was at his garden, he would help other villagers make fencesContinue reading “Kaiwa and Marumaru the Dwarf”

Legend of the Origin of Coconut

27 October 2020 ISSAC MOMO New Erima Primary School, NCD Long long ago, there lived a couple and their two sons along the coast of Papua New Guinea. The two brothers decided to go fishing out at sea one day. They loaded their fishing gears onto their canoe and departed. The brothers fished all dayContinue reading “Legend of the Origin of Coconut”

How Lake Ipai Came to Be

24 October 2020 NANCY KARE New Erima Primary School, NCD The following is a traditional story that explains how Lake Ipai in Enga Province came into existence. Lake Ipai is located in Laiagam District where I am from. Traditional myths relating to the creation of the lake have been passed down from generation to generation.Continue reading “How Lake Ipai Came to Be”

The Pain of Separation

21 October 2020 Liceanne Utah PORT MORESBY – Gender based violence is a big problem in Papua New Guinea and this includes what’s going on in the minds of these children when families are in conflict and there is separation or divorce. For most children, family is all that matters. When families split, all theseContinue reading “The Pain of Separation”

Kipilan’s Moka Exchange

21 October 2020 Jeremiah Munini PORT MORESBY – Kipilan, a leader of the Yanarian people near Wabag in Enga Province, was born in Tambori village, in the 1920s. Three months before Papua New Guinea’s independence on 16 September 1975, he went to Port Moresby to record the story of his life in the Enga languageContinue reading “Kipilan’s Moka Exchange”

Hurting after their divorce

20 October 2020 Liceanne Utah New Erima Primary School, NCD – SINCE Papua New Guinea is into this so called gender-based violence, no one cares about what’s going on in the minds of children when parents are separated or divorced.Family is all that matters to children. They wish that they would have a happy normalContinue reading “Hurting after their divorce”

An Abortion She Regretted

20 October 2020 Korina Posikei New Erima Primary School, NCD – THE last thing she saw was the ceiling light. She was injected with something and the room started spinning and growing smaller and then she suddenly fell asleep.She woke up with pins and needles all over her body, she could neither talk nor feelContinue reading “An Abortion She Regretted”