A young poet from India entered our Mini-poetry 2022 Competition

Krishti Khandelwai, is an award winning 13 year old poet “I am Krishti Khandelwal a 13 years old girl from new Delhi, India. I love to pen down my thoughts into words. Writing has always fascinated me as it was something I always wanted to do, this season (Lockdown) I had created and shared myContinue reading “A young poet from India entered our Mini-poetry 2022 Competition”

Three young students give us their take on World Environment Day 2022

The three poem entrees were sent in by Ms. Patricia Martin from Port Moresby International School. Ms. Martin is an English/Literature teacher who also engages in national and international poetry and writing competitions. Ples Singsing is proud to have captured the attention of POMIS through this mini-poetry competition and we look forward to reading moreContinue reading “Three young students give us their take on World Environment Day 2022”

Open your mind, read & write

By CAROLINE EVARI – posted on PNG Attitude blog on 23 August 2021 PORT MORESBY – The month of August is a significant month in Papua New Guinea for authors and schools. It is during this month that schools celebrate Book Week, and this year I was privileged to launch the Book Week program atContinue reading “Open your mind, read & write”

Floods in Mailovera village is the biggest problem

By Lorretta Warren In Mailovera village in the Gulf province, people fetch their water from dug up wells in the ground. Mailovera is close to the sea on the delta of the Taure and Lakemu rivers. There is always plenty of water and the villagers use canoes to go to their gardens and to travelContinue reading “Floods in Mailovera village is the biggest problem”

New Erima Primary School a unique school

By Demila Paul New Erima Primary School is located in the outskirts of Port Moresby, North East. The primary school is situated adjacent to the old Environment and Conservation Park, previously named wildlife Sanctuary along the Hiritano Highway towards Bomana. Generally, the whole infrastructure of the school is built with permanent materials. These building areContinue reading “New Erima Primary School a unique school”

ATS: My home is been destroyed by Developers

By Betty Wakia It was on a bright sunny day, Mekeme was at school reading a book. She goes to Buk Bilong Pikinini School at the hillside of the ATS. She was sitting at the veranda of the school reading, when she saw the big yellow excavator came running down the hill towards her house.Continue reading “ATS: My home is been destroyed by Developers”

SHORT-STORY: Whistles from another world

BY MATHISAH TURI Don’t whistle at night, they say, for you never know who might respond. Especially at night when darkness rules and silence is at it’s greatest. Ten year old Irai had not learned of this superstition. But she knew of the existence of the world beyond ours, where no humans dwell. She sawContinue reading “SHORT-STORY: Whistles from another world”