The story of Chief John, poet & radical

MULAI ROBBY | The National Weekender, 21 May 2023 [PNG Attitude] PORT MORESBY – Her voice rose high and echoed in the big hall of the Reverend Sione Kami Memorial Church, drowning the noise of the heavy rain thudding on the roof. The woman dedicated her song to the man she addressed as the fatherContinue reading “The story of Chief John, poet & radical”

Tok-singsing blong lusim haus krai bilong Kwin Elizabeth II

A poem for departing the house of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II By Michael Dom Dieu et mon droit, Elizabeth Regina Elizabeth the Great, dieu et mon droit Elizabeth Regina, peace not might Your Majesty, you were our one true Queen A queen that it was our honor to have seen You kept your faithContinue reading “Tok-singsing blong lusim haus krai bilong Kwin Elizabeth II”

Grand-daughter’s story of a pioneering pastor

PHILIP FITZPATRICK – posted on PNG Attitude blog Mugang Mugarewec Bitengere- A Pioneer Missionary to the Highlands of New Guinea by Gabby Mugang, Marapa Publications, Waigani, 2018, K100 from the author at TUMBY BAY – The early Lutheran missionaries in the highlands relied very heavily on their Papua New Guinean pastors and evangelists to spread theirContinue reading “Grand-daughter’s story of a pioneering pastor”

Ensuring the literary embers still burn bright

Despite the setbacks and difficulties, sparkling embers still burn in the fireplace of Papua New Guinean literature. Rait ples, rait papagraun, rait pipol. Right place, right heritage, right people. In Tok Pisin rait is also ‘write’ – Keith Jackson MICHAEL DOM – posted on PNG Attitude blog LAE – Around the middle of June, Ples Singsing Writers &Continue reading “Ensuring the literary embers still burn bright”

Ples Singsing mourns the death of Hon. Sam Basil May he rest in eternal peace

Our sincere condolences to his immediate family and friends, and to the people of his electorate in Bulolo Open, and colleagues in the United Labour Party. Mipela itok sori tru long famili na poro, na long ol pipol bilong elektoret long Bulolo Open, na tu long ol wanwok bilong em long United Labour Pati.

The amazing, absurd & shocking story of Port Moresby

THERESA PATTERSON| From a story originally published in  the Papua New Guinea Post-Courier Eda Moresby: Our Moresby by John Brooksbank, K250 each (K200 each for five or more). To Australia: $100 + $15 post. Link Facebook and find Eda Moresby here or email here PORT MORESBY – ‘Only in PNG!’ People might think this catch-all phrase for our country’s extraordinaryContinue reading “The amazing, absurd & shocking story of Port Moresby”

Of Ulli Beier, Obotunde Ijimere & M. Lovori

MAEBH LONG – posted on PNG Attitude Blog This article offers edited extracts from ‘Being Obotunde Ijimere and M. Lovori: Mapping Ulli Beier’s intercultural hoaxes from Nigeria to Papua New Guinea’. The complete essay by Dr Long was published in The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, 11 October 2020 HAMILTON, NZ – Ulli Beier was a hugely influential figureContinue reading “Of Ulli Beier, Obotunde Ijimere & M. Lovori”

Asking if Papua New Guineans write is the wrong question

“Askim sapos ol Papua Niuginian’s isave rait emi rong askim” [Tok Pisin translations] MICHAEL DOM IT WAS MY IMPRESSION that one of the questions bothering Philip Fitzpatrick around 2010, on his ruminations about his once adopted home was that, if Papua New Guineans are writing, then where is the published evidence? LONG LUKSAVE-TINGTING BILONG MIContinue reading “Asking if Papua New Guineans write is the wrong question”

Marape’s’ intention to declare PNG Christian country a timely call

By Moore Kelly Declaring PNG a Christian country and making it the richest black nation is Hon. Marape’s brainchild. When first announced, many stood both with and against. Those who stood against have their reasons, but unless explained and debated, their reasons remain abstract. Those who stood with have their reasons too. I stand withContinue reading “Marape’s’ intention to declare PNG Christian country a timely call”