Highlighting the poetry of Lydia Gah

Behind the veil Melanesian Culture Shrouded behind the Mysticism of Melanesian culture, Lies an untouchable Monster. Racking lives of blossoming Roses, Once the pride of families, clans and tribes. Towering menacingly high above dark clouds, Onlookers simply and indifferently look on, As if paralysed knowing not what to do, For they say, “it is theContinue reading “Highlighting the poetry of Lydia Gah”

Professional PNG Women Celebrating International Women’s Day

By Betty Gabriel Wakia Today is Tuesday, 8th of March, the International Women’s Day. The campaign theme for this year 2022 is ‘Break the Bias’, in which women imagines a world free of gender-equal from bias, stereotypes and discrimination. Many of us may not be aware, but gender biases and stereotypes are deeply rooted intoContinue reading “Professional PNG Women Celebrating International Women’s Day”

Regarding the perfect Melanesian gentleman

MICHAEL DOM – posted on PNG Attitude LAE – It is my observation that true Papua New Guinean gentlemen respond with quiet confidence, not in brash retaliation. In 2016, writing to encourage creative and intellectual contributions to the theme of ‘The Perfect PNG Gentleman‘, I wrote: The article was inspired by the prose poem ‘Perfect Gentleman’ by Dolorose AtaiContinue reading “Regarding the perfect Melanesian gentleman”

True PNG gentlemen respond with quiet confidence not in brash retaliation

By Micheal Dom In 2016, writing to encourage creative and intellectual contributions to the theme of ‘The Perfect PNG Gentleman’, I wrote: “It is clear that Papua New Guineans are still defining what it means to be a PNG citizen or even Melanesian.” “This continuing self-discovery requires us all to do what Naith and MartynContinue reading “True PNG gentlemen respond with quiet confidence not in brash retaliation”

Let’s talk about violence against women

MICHAEL KABUNI| Academia Nomad | Edited Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude 13 May 2021 ‘Police have arrested a man who allegedly killed his wife, 10 years his junior. The man told police, “I killed my wife. I know I am in trouble”. Police found the body of the wife, Imelda Tupi, wrapped in blue canvas inContinue reading “Let’s talk about violence against women”

Implications of Unequal Sexual Power faced by PNG wives

BANABAS MENEI Sex in marriages or sex between a husband and a wife is undeniably a contentious issue of research and formal discussion. From a cultural perspective, in many cases, Papua New Guineans are strong believers that whatever that happens in a marriage is private. On one hand, there are arguments that lack of sexContinue reading “Implications of Unequal Sexual Power faced by PNG wives”