Birth. School. Life or Death. Na takis bilong gavman?

BY JULIUS JETHRO An opinion article on education from one perspective of youths Why education if you can’t find yourself in colleges or university? What is an education? Why does one need knowledge to aid one’s survival? How long has the education existed on earth? Who is to be educated by whom? Where can oneContinue reading “Birth. School. Life or Death. Na takis bilong gavman?”

Open your mind, read & write

By CAROLINE EVARI – posted on PNG Attitude blog on 23 August 2021 PORT MORESBY – The month of August is a significant month in Papua New Guinea for authors and schools. It is during this month that schools celebrate Book Week, and this year I was privileged to launch the Book Week program atContinue reading “Open your mind, read & write”

Floods in Mailovera village is the biggest problem

By Lorretta Warren In Mailovera village in the Gulf province, people fetch their water from dug up wells in the ground. Mailovera is close to the sea on the delta of the Taure and Lakemu rivers. There is always plenty of water and the villagers use canoes to go to their gardens and to travelContinue reading “Floods in Mailovera village is the biggest problem”

New Erima Primary School a unique school

By Demila Paul New Erima Primary School is located in the outskirts of Port Moresby, North East. The primary school is situated adjacent to the old Environment and Conservation Park, previously named wildlife Sanctuary along the Hiritano Highway towards Bomana. Generally, the whole infrastructure of the school is built with permanent materials. These building areContinue reading “New Erima Primary School a unique school”


BROUGHT TO YOU BY PLES SINGSING FOR ALL SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN FROM 8 TO 18 YEARS OLD Write a poem for World Environment Day on June 5th. The poem may be in English or in Tok Pisin and we want you to try your hand at translating the poem from or to either language. ForContinue reading “ANNOUNCING THE 2ND POETRY MINI-CONTEST”

The Rise of the NEW PNG WRITERS

By Shane Baiva Young PNG AUTHORS like Glen Burua, Edward E Isouve, Gerard William Ivalaoa and Nigel V Sine are rising to leave a mark for this Generation & Generations to come! I am excited, blessed & so humbled to see this young people doing what they love doing – WRITING & getting Published. InContinue reading “The Rise of the NEW PNG WRITERS”

Book written and typed on Phone

By Gerard Ivalaoa My name is Gerard Ivalaoa and I am happy to announce to you the publication of my first book. I have written this book, typed it on the phone and have engaged Shane Baiva Publications to publish it. The writing and publication of this book was really challenging, especially typing 85 000Continue reading “Book written and typed on Phone”

Open minded & not afraid of criticism to become writer

By Vilousha Hahembe I’d like to start by expressing my deepest appreciation to the Ples Singsing Masterminds for hosting the Tingting Bilong Mi essay competition. It has given many young talented Papua New Guineans a platform to express their opinions about the originality of PNG authors. My experience in the essay competition gave me aContinue reading “Open minded & not afraid of criticism to become writer”

PNG’s Student Loans: Recurring Problems Since 2001

11/01/2021 MICHAEL KABUNI Student loans are not new to PNG, it was implemented as the Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme (TESAS) between 2001 and 2007. About 7, 000 students borrowed money from the state, but only ONE woman repaid her loan! The government went to the extent of listing more than 3, 000 names in the newspapersContinue reading “PNG’s Student Loans: Recurring Problems Since 2001”