Ples Singsing is proud to bring you the winning poems of the Mini-Poetry Competition for World Environment Day 2022

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THESE YOUNG WOMEN POETS First place winning poem by Fiada Kede Poem #01 Tok Pisin translation preferred by the judge Em i wok lon draun Olain! Olain! Yupela i lukim ol mak nogut? long antap tru blo Blu igodaun lo aninit tru blo Blu Blupela Pasifika i wok lon draun Draun insaitContinue reading “Ples Singsing is proud to bring you the winning poems of the Mini-Poetry Competition for World Environment Day 2022”


Here is what our poetry judge for this year’s mini-poetry contest had to say to Ples Singsing and the participating poets. Thank you, Michael, and Ples Singsing for asking me to judge this competition. I hope I have completed my task to your expectations.  I am a great admirer of Ples Singsing, of your determinationContinue reading “TOKSAVE – JUDGES VERDICT IS IN FOR THE MINI-POETRY COMPETITION FOR WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY”

We must rebuild a Hela worthy of forebears

By SHILA YUKULI PAIA – PNG Attitude Blog ADELAIDE – We have joined in grief with students of Tari Secondary School to mourn the loss of a young man, inspired to be educated and become a leader, whose life was cut short – slaughtered in the name of tribal revenge. Hela proudly became a separateContinue reading “We must rebuild a Hela worthy of forebears”

‘Hot-cake’ Maseratis now a bargain. Maybe

ASIA NEWS DESK| British Broadcasting Corporation LONDON – Papua New Guinea has admitted making a ‘terrible mistake’ after struggling to sell a £4.2m (K20 million) fleet of luxury cars bought to impress politicians during a meeting of regional leaders. The then-O’Neill government boasted the Maseratis would be snapped up after being used for the 2018Continue reading “‘Hot-cake’ Maseratis now a bargain. Maybe”

Don’t privatise our customary land

ACT NOW! PORT MORESBY – This article breaks down some of the myths used to justify the privatisation of customary land. It makes clear that efforts to privatise land are not about development but about profits for corporations, financial institutions and already wealthy people. Most of the world’s land is still overseen by communities underContinue reading “Don’t privatise our customary land”

Put politics last: Let’s stop reversing evolution

17 July 2021 MICHAEL DOM LAE – How do we return Papua Niugini to a culture of Melanesian cooperation and how can the common people make those in power behave responsibly? According to the evolutionary perspective, the birthplace of democracy was the tribe. Indeed, tribalism is sometimes referred to as ‘primitive democracy’. I believe myContinue reading “Put politics last: Let’s stop reversing evolution”

ATS: My home is been destroyed by Developers

By Betty Wakia It was on a bright sunny day, Mekeme was at school reading a book. She goes to Buk Bilong Pikinini School at the hillside of the ATS. She was sitting at the veranda of the school reading, when she saw the big yellow excavator came running down the hill towards her house.Continue reading “ATS: My home is been destroyed by Developers”

ESSAY: Compensation payment undermines justice in PNG

JIMAIMAH WAFI Compensation is a way of settling disputes between two parties. Compensation is typically money awarded to someone in recognition of loss, suffering or injury. In Papua New Guinea (PNG) compensation is becoming common for settling disputes and making peace between two parties. Compensation is provided for different reasons, for example, homicide compensation, workersContinue reading “ESSAY: Compensation payment undermines justice in PNG”

Let’s change our election culture

JACKSON KIAKARI Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude 05 May 2021 The Port Moresby North-West by-election – for the late Sir Mekere Morauta’s former seat – will be fought out between 39 candidates on Wednesday 2 June. In Papua New Guinea terms, it is an unusual electorate: 75% of the population is literate; people fromContinue reading “Let’s change our election culture”

Implications of Unequal Sexual Power faced by PNG wives

BANABAS MENEI Sex in marriages or sex between a husband and a wife is undeniably a contentious issue of research and formal discussion. From a cultural perspective, in many cases, Papua New Guineans are strong believers that whatever that happens in a marriage is private. On one hand, there are arguments that lack of sexContinue reading “Implications of Unequal Sexual Power faced by PNG wives”