A brief history of PNG literature, Part 1

Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude, 11 July 2021 PHILIP FITZPATRICK TUMBY BAY – Papua New Guinea has a rich tradition of oral literature which exists to this day. Vincent Eri’s work of 1970, The Crocodile, was the first novel by a Papua New Guinean, but it seems likely that the first book written by a PapuaContinue reading “A brief history of PNG literature, Part 1”

Our young poets are ‘the hopes that we bear in spite’

MICHAEL DOM “Remote models require assimilation. You can learn from the past with little risk of merely aping it as you might ape your contemporaries, or the generation just before your own. A young poet impatient with the assumptions and styles of the present might look for springboards and encouragements in another time.” Robert PinskyContinue reading “Our young poets are ‘the hopes that we bear in spite’”

Regarding the perfect Melanesian gentleman

MICHAEL DOM – posted on PNG Attitude LAE – It is my observation that true Papua New Guinean gentlemen respond with quiet confidence, not in brash retaliation. In 2016, writing to encourage creative and intellectual contributions to the theme of ‘The Perfect PNG Gentleman‘, I wrote: The article was inspired by the prose poem ‘Perfect Gentleman’ by Dolorose AtaiContinue reading “Regarding the perfect Melanesian gentleman”

ESSAY: Compensation payment undermines justice in PNG

JIMAIMAH WAFI Compensation is a way of settling disputes between two parties. Compensation is typically money awarded to someone in recognition of loss, suffering or injury. In Papua New Guinea (PNG) compensation is becoming common for settling disputes and making peace between two parties. Compensation is provided for different reasons, for example, homicide compensation, workersContinue reading “ESSAY: Compensation payment undermines justice in PNG”

Christianity seems to have failed us badly

KELA KAPKORA SIL BOLKIN Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude, 06 May 2021 PORT MORESBY – At independence the constitution of Papua New Guinea did not separate church and state. In fact, the constitution declared Christian values as a decent custom to be adopted, upheld and passed on to the next generation. Besides, the constitutionContinue reading “Christianity seems to have failed us badly”

Peacemaking – My culture

By Caroline Evari – 12th April 2021, Everyday Battles On Saturday January 30th, 2021 at around 7:30pm, my family had small peace-making ceremony here in Port Moresby. Leading into the new year of 2021, there were some misunderstanding amongst my older siblings’ daughters that resulted in dispute and disharmony between several family members. As alwaysContinue reading “Peacemaking – My culture”

An original poem in Tok Pisin & English

By MICHAEL DOM – 27 March 2021, Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude Bik nem lidasip  Papa bilong yu Emi gat bikpela nem turuLong olgeta hap ples mi raunMi ken i harim ol manmeri Litimapim nem bilong emTaim oli toktok long ol kainkain wok Emi bin mekim long en Iau bilong mi pairapAi na maus bilong mi opBaiContinue reading “An original poem in Tok Pisin & English”

The Great Mask Debate – To Wear or Not To Wear?

21 December 2020 PAINTING BY LABEN SAKALE JOHN AND WORDS BY GREGORY BABLIS Masks have always been important aspects of Papua New Guinean societies even in contemporary Papua New Guinea (PNG) with their ceremonial uses in singsings (traditional dances or festivals) and the more tourist-oriented festivals today. All regions of PNG had different types ofContinue reading “The Great Mask Debate – To Wear or Not To Wear?”


30 NOVEMBER 2020 ANDREW MOUTU Paddle – In its origin, a paddle is understood as a lever that is operated by the foot and by its scale of thought, it was a foot in length. In music you encounter pedals on the piano and on foot switches that bring a sustained effect or a blendingContinue reading “A STORY OF THE PADDLE, THE SPEAR & THE CROCODILE”