The Growth of Papua New Guinea Literature

Kesia Erick Artists have always played an important role in societies, both traditional and modern. The works of one kind of artist are collectively known as literature. Every society, culture, country has its own literary tradition and its own collection of literature. Thus, we can speak and read of American Literature, English Literature, Australian LiteratureContinue reading “The Growth of Papua New Guinea Literature”

Age-old wayfinding for new-age challenges

BY MICHAEL DOM “Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i’s captivating debut poetry collection is a waka to enter; sit and take in the vista of her world and the world of the greatest moana on the planet. Here is a waka to shelter in, to feel the roll and swell of aroha and grief, joy and theContinue reading “Age-old wayfinding for new-age challenges”

Local authored books will embrace Papua New Guinea

SHEENA PUAYIL | Tingting BIlong Mi Essay 2020 entry In the libraries of many higher institutions, as well as on the shelves and tables of numerous elementary, primary and secondary schools around the country, there is countless number of foreign books. This may mean that our government has overlooked the books which are being writtenContinue reading “Local authored books will embrace Papua New Guinea”

A time for advancement in PNG’s literary community

GENESIS NAKE | Tingting Bilong Mi Essay 2020 entry I am sometimes, too much of a bookworm. I prefer time alone, with a good book over any day out with friends. Experiencing new feelings, exploring new places, becoming a different person is something I crave. And I know I am not the only one whoContinue reading “A time for advancement in PNG’s literary community”

Only the government can ensure that PNG authored books are placed on our library shelves nationwide

DUNCAN GABI | Tingting Bilong Mi Essay entry 2020 According to the “A Manifesto for Literature in Papua New Guinea”, a petition drawn up by the PNG writers to present to Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, the manifesto states that “There are no major publishers in Papua New Guinea interested in publishing our work. IfContinue reading “Only the government can ensure that PNG authored books are placed on our library shelves nationwide”

PNG authors return to us our own cultural expressions with authenticity

Andy Ray | Tingting Bilong Mi 2020 Essay Books are written based upon the imagination, experience and observation of the author. There are different types of books written by people of diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds, with a broad variety of reasons and intent. Writing a book is one thing but getting the book toContinue reading “PNG authors return to us our own cultural expressions with authenticity”

Cleaning up school funding could boost literature

10 February 2021 AG SATORI PORT MORESBY – I’ve been investigating the operation of the Tuition Fee Free (TFF) process in Papua New Guinea and whether it is doing the best it can for schools. And also whether it might be better structured to do more to support education and, in doing that, to supportContinue reading “Cleaning up school funding could boost literature”

PM offers wise words. What’s next?

09 February 2021 AG SATORI PORT MORESBY – The other day Papua New Guinea prime minister James Marape offered the children – and adults – of our country some true words of wisdom. What the prime minister extolled in his message, however, is followed today by very few parents and their children. In the image accompanyingContinue reading “PM offers wise words. What’s next?”

Second book blues, but after that it’s easy

09 April 2021 PHILIP FITZPATRICK TUMBY BAY – Writing the first book is hard but believe me it’s the second one that is really challenging, especially if the first has been a success. In that second book you have to live up to the expectations you created with the first one. You can’t write theContinue reading “Second book blues, but after that it’s easy”