Susan Karike: PNG Flag designer

By Jacintha Kerry In 1971, as independence approached; the people of Papua New Guinea were invited by the government to submit their designs for a competition to find the flag of Papua New Guinea. A committee of Parliamentarians from the Papua New Guinea House of Assembly toured the country inspecting the flag designs, hoping toContinue reading “Susan Karike: PNG Flag designer”

PNGDF Pilot Late Capt Peter Wanamp: Pride of the Tribe

By Paul Minga Another PNG’s very best pilot late Capt – Peter Wanamp Ansphill (Capt Sheriff) was a flag bearer of the Jiwaka people and the pride of Senglap tribe. Peter was a first son from the Waghi Valley to brush aside fear and risk that is imminent for any aviator likely to encounter over the flyingContinue reading “PNGDF Pilot Late Capt Peter Wanamp: Pride of the Tribe”

The two interpreters – Palnge and Simbil 

A SHORT BIOGRAPHY BY PAUL MINGA According to stories by my deceased mum, Agatha, of what had transpired before her eyes in the late 60’s and early 70’s, this story starts in her recalling of first and pioneer Catholic missionaries namely Father William Ross, Father Misik, Father Peter Van’ Andrichen, Sister Rose Bernadette and otherContinue reading “The two interpreters – Palnge and Simbil “

Uphill: A journey from the Highlands to the Coast (Part 1)

AN ADVENTURE STORY BY MOSES ANDRIAS November 2018, Morobe, a blend of everything Papua New Guinean, from the cool mountainous ridges that step from the majestic highlands to the endless plains of the Markham and on-wards to the shoreline of the Huon Peninsula. A walk around ‘Eriku’ and a visit to Lae Market remains noContinue reading “Uphill: A journey from the Highlands to the Coast (Part 1)”

Sana: The making of a great man

DIANE HIRIMA & MINETTA KAKAREREAcademia Nomad | Edited posted 4th May 2021 on PNG Attitude Michael Somare: Sana, An Autobiography PORT MORESBY – Sana was first published in 1975, the year of Papua New Guinea’s independence. It traces Sir Michael Somare life from childhood to politics and his leading PNG to nationhood. Sana (peacemaker) is a metaphor for aContinue reading “Sana: The making of a great man”

Charles Monckton – the trigger happy colonialist

Charles Monckton in 1907 BY BRADLEY GEWA | Academia Nomad Charles Monckton: Some Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate PORT MORESBY –Charles Arthur Whitmore Monckton (1873-1936) first arrived in the protectorate of British New Guinea (later known as Papua) in 1895 having been recruited from New Zealand as a magistrate. Upon Monckton’s arrival, Lieutenant-Governor SirContinue reading “Charles Monckton – the trigger happy colonialist”

Reuben Taureka Highway?

08 NOVEMBER 2020 NOTICE GREGORY BABLIS A few years ago the PNG Government decided to rename the well-known Magi Highway after Sir Dr Reuben Taureka. Understandably, the people of Central had mixed reactions and some were anxious and angry about the name change. There was even an alternative suggestion to name the highway Polonsky HighwayContinue reading “Reuben Taureka Highway?”

Aisoli Salin of New Ireland: Memories of a Great Teacher

08 NOVEMBER 2020 Notice Compiled by Jonathan Ritchie from conversations with Aisoli Salins’ family and pupils, 2019 This book tells the story of one of Papua New Guinea’s first leaders, Aisoli Salin from New Ireland. It has been written from the memories of late Aisoli Salin’s family members, living on the islands of Tatau andContinue reading “Aisoli Salin of New Ireland: Memories of a Great Teacher”

Book Summary of John Keith McCarthy’s “Patrol into Yesterday: My New Guinea Years”

02 NOVEMBER 2020 PHYLISS PHILIP BABLIS Armed with his ‘bible’, a blue covered book called Standing Instructions which was issued to Cadets and Patrol Officers during pre-war days, John Keith McCarthy headed out into the big rugged island to the north of Australia. McCarthy was a government officer, soldier and writer. He was born onContinue reading “Book Summary of John Keith McCarthy’s “Patrol into Yesterday: My New Guinea Years””