Extension service is the bedrock of agriculture in Papua New Guinea

By planter’s child adventures Growing up with a father who is an agriculture extension officer, I have witnessed and have seen the day to day significant challenges of delivering farmer trainings in rural villages with limited or nil resources. In Kaiapit in Markham where agriculture extension is active, officers still go out to teach farmersContinue reading “Extension service is the bedrock of agriculture in Papua New Guinea”

Science meets oral history at Orokolo Bay

CHRIS URWIN| Monash University MELBOURNE – In late 2015, I arrived for the second time at Orokolo Bay on Papua New Guinea’s south coast. The bay is a long grey-black beach, densely forested with hibiscus and coconut trees. As we approached by dinghy from the east, clusters of houses could be glimpsed fleetingly among theContinue reading “Science meets oral history at Orokolo Bay”


30 NOVEMBER 2020 ANDREW MOUTU Paddle – In its origin, a paddle is understood as a lever that is operated by the foot and by its scale of thought, it was a foot in length. In music you encounter pedals on the piano and on foot switches that bring a sustained effect or a blendingContinue reading “A STORY OF THE PADDLE, THE SPEAR & THE CROCODILE”