Poem for the 46th Anniversity of Independence

ISSABELLE VILAU Thousands By Thousands we are Hundreds of Islands scattered across, the silky blue surface of the Pacific Ocean Mountain ranges stood tall and proud like a King Crowned with rare jewel of untouched virgin forests and Clothed with the royal robe of endemic flora and fauna By Thousands we are Tribes sparsely scatteredContinue reading “Poem for the 46th Anniversity of Independence”

Extension service is the bedrock of agriculture in Papua New Guinea

By planter’s child adventures Growing up with a father who is an agriculture extension officer, I have witnessed and have seen the day to day significant challenges of delivering farmer trainings in rural villages with limited or nil resources. In Kaiapit in Markham where agriculture extension is active, officers still go out to teach farmersContinue reading “Extension service is the bedrock of agriculture in Papua New Guinea”

‘Etu iti

FAUMUINA FELOLINI MARIA TAFUNA’I I am taking your sister out of the sky To hold her in my hand and show my son He watches you with saucers in his eyes Wide-eyed, tracing your whakapapa lines Across the black black skies far from earth Your sister, she is burning a hole in my flesh ItContinue reading “‘Etu iti”

Dear Independence

By Clare Wedu- Kokinai Dear Independence,When we first met16th September, 1975 setWe sang duet was told I’d changeIt felt strangeTo change Red, Black, Gold marchedAnd the world watchedWere ties touched? At noon’s dawnShe A Mela Nesia bornWhat has gone? Colonization? Yours truly andCitizen

Green Dress

By Clare Wedu- Kokinai I lay coveredin my green dressmy favorite, yes!shades of greencover my skin fern green laces tickle my chinforest green neckline is keenshow off my beautiful sleevesmyrtle green mountain peaksrush down the flat grasslandyou will find my warm bodybeneath cool mints of pool my waist is coveredunder green fibersmy arms spread openlikeContinue reading “Green Dress”

An interview with wayfinding poetess Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i

MICHAEL DOM MY GRANDFATHER IS A CANOE was published in July of this year and is the first solo book by Samoan wayfinding poetess Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i, published under Flying Geese Pro. Felolini’s very first appearance as a poet in print was in ‘Fika – a fictional body of new writing by First DraftContinue reading “An interview with wayfinding poetess Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i”

The Growth of Papua New Guinea Literature

Kesia Erick Artists have always played an important role in societies, both traditional and modern. The works of one kind of artist are collectively known as literature. Every society, culture, country has its own literary tradition and its own collection of literature. Thus, we can speak and read of American Literature, English Literature, Australian LiteratureContinue reading “The Growth of Papua New Guinea Literature”


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