Mr Marape – We’re Still Trying to Meet

CAROLINE EVARI PORT MORESBY – To try to get a high level discussion underway on Papua New Guinea literature, we’ve tried on two occasions to meet with Prime Minister James Marape. The first time was on Wednesday 22 January after we received information that Mr Marape was willing to meet Betty Wakia , Daniel KumbonContinue reading “Mr Marape – We’re Still Trying to Meet”

A Project For Our Children

03 NOVEMBER 2020 DANIEL KUMBON PORT MORESBY – During one of our meetings to prepare for our much hoped for presentation to prime minister James Marape, writer Caroline Evari’s two young children joined us. I don’t know what they thought of their mother, Betty Wakia and I working on our letter to Mr Marape but,Continue reading “A Project For Our Children”

Book Summary of John Keith McCarthy’s “Patrol into Yesterday: My New Guinea Years”

02 NOVEMBER 2020 PHYLISS PHILIP BABLIS Armed with his ‘bible’, a blue covered book called Standing Instructions which was issued to Cadets and Patrol Officers during pre-war days, John Keith McCarthy headed out into the big rugged island to the north of Australia. McCarthy was a government officer, soldier and writer. He was born onContinue reading “Book Summary of John Keith McCarthy’s “Patrol into Yesterday: My New Guinea Years””

Review by Martyn Namorong – The Voice of Michael Dom: Political, Powerful, Connected

REVIEW BY MARTYN NAMORONG AND OTHER READERS 02 NOVEMBER 2020 O Arise!: Poems on Papua New Guinea’s Politics & Society by Michael Dom, 54 pp. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, May 2015. ISBN-10: 1512039381. Available in hardcopy from Amazon, $5.40 WHAT is a Papua New Guinean writer but a warrior continuing the proud traditions of their ancestors,Continue reading “Review by Martyn Namorong – The Voice of Michael Dom: Political, Powerful, Connected”

Papua New Guinean Biography

Person in Focus – Paulus Goresau Arek 01 NOVEMBER 2020 GREGORY BABLIS Over the last seven decades, Papua New Guinea has grown from a disparate collection of traditional societies administered as an Australian colonial territory, to a thriving, developing state. The story of how Papua New Guinea came to lose its colonial shackles and gainContinue reading “Papua New Guinean Biography”

The Warriors Who Had No Name

01 NOVEMBER 2020 GREGORY BABLIS The Ben Moide Story: Nameless Warriors by Lahui Ako, University of Papua New Guinea Press, 2012, 246 pages. ISBN 9980869577. Order online or purchase from the UPNG Press & Bookshop, Port Moresby. PORT MORESBY – Ben Moide was one of the youngest members of the Papuan Infantry Battalion (PIB), a unitContinue reading “The Warriors Who Had No Name”

Significance of the centenary: history and commemoration of the Kokoda Campaign in Papua New Guinea

31 OCTOBER 2020 GREGORY BABLIS ‘History’ and ‘commemoration’ are distinguishable terms. For instance, while Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Australia share a history spurred from the events of the Kokoda Campaign, our analyses, understandings, perspectives and experiences of the war are subjective and thus different. Commemoration is centred on the present and is concerned withContinue reading “Significance of the centenary: history and commemoration of the Kokoda Campaign in Papua New Guinea”

Eh, Mi Seksek

31 OCTOBER 2020 MAIKEL DOM English translation follows the Tok Pisin original Eh, mi seksek long meri iaLek, han na lewa guriaTaim maus blong em singautim miTaim em lukluk long ai blong miBun bilong mi tanim wara Aiyo mama, aiyo lewa Meri em naispla samting ia Tasol nogut em less long mi             Eh, mi seksek! Ating long nait baiContinue reading “Eh, Mi Seksek”

Remember Me: An Ode for the Dead

30 October 2020 GREGORY BABLIS The living must honour the dead,         For they teach us the good and the bad.Times of sorrow and strife,         Are all a part of life. Though the world I may roam,         My mind is never far from home.Although I travel about,         My heart will always remain in Waut. We wereContinue reading “Remember Me: An Ode for the Dead”

Voices From The War: PNG Stories of The Kokoda Campaign

30 October 2020 TIMOTHY PIRINDUO PORT MORESBY World War Two (WWII) passed through our land, along the rugged, inhospitable terrains of the now iconic Kokoda Track, and the tales we read and heard were all about foreign armies who came, fought the war to leave a legend. 70 years on and little to nothing wasContinue reading “Voices From The War: PNG Stories of The Kokoda Campaign”