The story of Totoga Wai from Babaka village

Keith Jacksn & Friends: PNG Attitude, 12 December 2011 BY BEAUTY RUPA LOI The Totoga Wai is the story of my great-grandfathers and their forefathers and the great gigantic alligator and the formation of the precious salt water river at Babaka village, the place I call my home. Totoga is the name and Wai isContinue reading “The story of Totoga Wai from Babaka village”

Elites & education: John Kadiba on Ulli Beier

Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude,  31 December 2011 SELECTED BY PHIL FITZPATRICK This is an extract from a new book by JOHN KADIBA, Night Dreams of Passing Memories.  In view of Martyn Namarong’s recent article criticising elites and education in PNG, it casts an interesting light over how things used to be and howContinue reading “Elites & education: John Kadiba on Ulli Beier”

Dispela tok-singsing emi bilong Dollorose Fong Roka

Tok Pisin translation by Michael Dom Nogat toktok, peren, bai kirapim ol lain indai Nogat tingting yumi autim na wara lusim ai Bai kisim bek ken husat i lus na tekewe pen Yumi sindaun mauspas tasol na putim iau long ren Toktok bilong mi sotwin, peren, pen emi wankain Wanem stori inogat nek bai miContinue reading “Dispela tok-singsing emi bilong Dollorose Fong Roka”

Lost in the non-linearity of PNG time

BY MARTYN NAMORONG Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude, 29 September 2011 I’VE BEEN giving the Capitalists a hard time recently and perhaps rightfully so. And yes, around the world Capitalism seems to be having a hard time that’s unless you are a banker receiving government bailouts. These are indeed tough times. The Western conceptContinue reading “Lost in the non-linearity of PNG time”

Take Fail as a challenge for greater things

By Korina Posikei In life, we fail to learn how not to fail. Fail according to oxford advanced learner’s dictionary 8th edition, is to not be successful in achieving something. Fail is one of the things that most people despise. They say when you fail it’s because you don’t know what to do or youContinue reading “Take Fail as a challenge for greater things”

“Who Should you Write For?”: Competing Spheres of Print Culture Production in Colonial Papua New Guinea

Originally posted on Ples Singsing – A PNG Writer's Blog:
21 October 2020 Evelyn Ellerman Figure 1: Arthur Jawodimbari receiving prize from Les Johnson In 1970, the colonial administration of Papua and New Guinea (PNG)published a short article called “Courses for Writers” in the December issue of its literary journal, New Guinea Writing (NGW).…

Learning to Be a Writer in Papua New Guinea

Originally posted on Ples Singsing – A PNG Writer's Blog:
21 October 2020 Evelyn Ellerman Abstract For students and instructors at English-speaking, post-war, colonial universities, the literature curriculum had special significance: graduates of these institutions were expected not only to fill key positions in a new nation, but to write that nation into existence.…