SPONSORED BY PLES SINGSING MASTERMINDS HERE ARE TWO EXAMPLES OF THE PRIMAQUATRAIN POETRY FORM INVENTED BY MICHAEL DOM Example 1: Salim tingting long saksak   Em saksak tasol ia Bilas bilong doti wara Diwai bilong en igat nilnil  Em i sut olsem supia   Tasol taim em i silip Putim tamiok long mit  Bai waraContinue reading “POETRY MINI-CONTEST: TOK-SINGSING TRYOUTS”

How Maiara, the Fish and Ura, the Plant came to Baimuru?

By Darolyn Havae In the Baimuru area of the Gulf Province, there is a fish called Maiara and a plant called Ura, that grows on the river banks. Here is a traditional story about how Maiara, the fish and Ura, the plant came to be. Along the Era river; there was a two sisters livedContinue reading “How Maiara, the Fish and Ura, the Plant came to Baimuru?”

Global impact on Coronavirus

By Moses Sine The Covid-19 pandemic is an ongoing global pandemic disease of 2019. The outbreak was first detected in Wuhan, Hubei province, China in December 2019. The World Health Organization declared the outbreak a pandemic on 11th March, 2020. The virus originated in the seafood wholesale market in Wuhan, China. Most people think itContinue reading “Global impact on Coronavirus”

In search of Education in the city

By Willie Tiwias This is the real story of how I struggle to come to Port Moresby in search of education.I come from a small village called Taingama in the Manyamya District of Morobe province. My village is on the border of Morobe and Gulf province. Taingama village is located right in the jungle whereContinue reading “In search of Education in the city”

Tok Pisin, Tok Motu na Tok Ples

BY MICHAEL DOM If “Tok Pisin is the language expression of our lifestyle and our intermingled cultures”[i] then what does this language say about us as a people? As first language English speaking Papua Niuginians my siblings and I were introduced to Tok Pisin during our late primary and secondary school years. Our parents hadContinue reading “Tok Pisin, Tok Motu na Tok Ples”

BOOK REVIEW: Dame Rose Kekedo

BY CATHY KEIMELO ‘Dame Rose Kekedo’ by Eric Johns, pamphlet, 27 pages, Pearson & Longman Publisher, South Melbourne, Australia, January 1 2002, ISBN-10: 0733933300, ISBN-13: 978-0733933301 Available on Amazon for US$39.99 Dame Rose Kekedo is the eponymous biography a famous Papua New Guinean, and first woman to venture into fields and roles that were andContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Dame Rose Kekedo”

ESSAYS: What really is an essay and how to recognise it

BY PHILIP FITZPATRICK Excellent advice for the Tingting Bilong Mi 2020 Essay Competition Who can remember the dreaded Monday afternoon announcement, “I want a five hundred word essay on what we have been discussing on my desk by Friday morning, no excuses!”Essays are the bane of every high school student’s life but what exactly areContinue reading “ESSAYS: What really is an essay and how to recognise it”

Men of calibre: A curious and unexpected friendship

BY ED BRUMBY Keith Jackson & Freinds: PNG Attitude, 19 January 2015 Man of Calibre by Baka Barakove Bina, CreateSpace, 2015, ISBN-10: 1499751842, ISBN-13: 978-1499751840. 248 pages. Kindle $3.27, Paperback $16.20 + postage. Order here FRIENDSHIPS come in many forms and from many sources. From shared experiences at school or at work. From shared interestsContinue reading “Men of calibre: A curious and unexpected friendship”

The fading voices of our ancestors: languages under threat

BY DALE DIGORI Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude, 7 January 2015 An entry in the Crocodile PrizeCleland Family Award for Heritage Writing “With well over 800 [indigenous types throughout], Papua New Guinea’s languages make up about two-fifths of all those spoken in the world today” (A fact book on modern Papua New Guinea, JContinue reading “The fading voices of our ancestors: languages under threat”