Voices from the War: Stories from New Ireland

08 NOVEMBER 2020 NOTICE Nolan, Catherine (Editor) This short book comprises some of the experiences and encounters that the people of New Ireland had during the time when World War Two came to Papua New Guinea. The men and women whose stories are included in the book took part in a study from March toContinue reading “Voices from the War: Stories from New Ireland”

Aisoli Salin of New Ireland: Memories of a Great Teacher

08 NOVEMBER 2020 Notice Compiled by Jonathan Ritchie from conversations with Aisoli Salins’ family and pupils, 2019 This book tells the story of one of Papua New Guinea’s first leaders, Aisoli Salin from New Ireland. It has been written from the memories of late Aisoli Salin’s family members, living on the islands of Tatau andContinue reading “Aisoli Salin of New Ireland: Memories of a Great Teacher”

Interesting Books Written by Papua New Guineans You Should Read

08 NOVEMBER 2020 SKERAH We need a generation of “bookfacers” more than “facebookers”! It’s important that we create and embed in our children the importance of reading and writing.  Creating a culture isn’t an easy task but requires persistence.  And it is indeed a challenging task given the competitive nature and evolving technology we areContinue reading “Interesting Books Written by Papua New Guineans You Should Read”

Let’s Write Books! – A Letter from His Excellency

08 NOVEMBER 2020 SIR PAULIAS MATANE In 1957 I started my career as a primary school teacher at Tauran Primary School in New Britain where I was a student from 1947 to 1955. I found that we did not have many books about Papua New Guinea. The few reading books were written by expatriates. WhenContinue reading “Let’s Write Books! – A Letter from His Excellency”

Books by Sir Paulias Matane

08 NOVEMBER 2020 GREGORY BABLIS NOTICE The eighth Governor-General of Papua New Guinea, Sir Paulias Matane is a prolific writer. He has written over 40 books throughout his long career. He holds the unique honour of being the only Papua New Guinean to have travelled to all seven continents in the world. His travels allContinue reading “Books by Sir Paulias Matane”

Covid-19 und die ‚neue Normalität‘

07 NOVEMBER 2020 MICHAEL DOM Die globale Covid-19-Pandemie hat viele Auswirkungen auf das tägliche Leben. Die Regierung von Papua-Neuguinea (PNG) hält sich an die Empfehlungen der Weltgesundheitsorganisation und definiert die ‚neue Normalität‘ für ihre Bürgerinnen und Bürger. Doch für Tausende von peri-urbanen Armen, die in wirtschaftlich schwierigen Zeiten ums Überleben kämpfen, sind die Folgen vonContinue reading “Covid-19 und die ‚neue Normalität‘”

Covid-19 ‘noho dala matamatana’

07 NOVEMBER 2020 MICHAEL DOM Tanobada egegemada lalonai e varamu gorerena Covid-19 metauna na, ta noho laidiamu mauridia lalodiai vada ta dibadiamu, Bona World Health Organization edia taravatu eiava ede baita mauri toma daladia, e ato lasi, bena Papua New Guinea gavamani ese danu ‘noho dala matamatana’ ealasi ena taunimanima edia. To settlement ai eContinue reading “Covid-19 ‘noho dala matamatana’”

The Covid-19 ‘new normal’

07 NOVEMBER 2020 MICHAEL DOM The global pandemic of Covid-19 has had many repercussions to daily life and keeping abreast with World Health Organization recommendations, the Papua New Guinea (PNG) government has also defined the ‘new normal’ for its citizens. But to thousands of the peri-urban poor, struggling to survive during trying economic times, theContinue reading “The Covid-19 ‘new normal’”

Em normal tasol ia

07 NOVEMBER 2020 MICHAEL DOM Bikpela sik Covid-19 pandemic em inapim olgeta kantri long graun na bagarapim laip bilong ol man meri long wanwan dei, em nau World Helt Ogenisesen i givim toksave we Papua Niugini (PNG) gavman tu i laik kamapim ‘niupela nomal’ bilong ol sitisen. Tasol long ol planti thousand poor pipol istapContinue reading “Em normal tasol ia”