Why PNG needs a thousand dreams

Phil Fitzpatrick Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude, 19 May 2011 ‘A Thousand Coloured Dreams’ by Josephine Abaijah and Eric Wright, Revised Edition, Pearson Education Australia, Pacific Writers Series, South Melbourne, 2001, ISBN:0733925413 I’VE ALWAYS THOUGHT of myself as being reasonably enlightened.  Every so often something crops up to bring home the truth and remindContinue reading “Why PNG needs a thousand dreams”

Poems from Edward Grant-Gila Pulagis book Pieces of Time

The book is dedicated to his brother, Albert T. Pulagis, and that act speaks volumes of the love of brothers. A quote in the dedication offers us a meaningful message – “There comes a time when you will realise that the people who care about you the most are the ones that you spend lessContinue reading “Poems from Edward Grant-Gila Pulagis book Pieces of Time”

PNG, lest we forget

A poem by Jason Paisoi Our freedom was given on a golden plate, The colloquial, land of the unexpected, we mustn’t contemplate, It’s the richness of our land that we are now free to celebrate, Our natural resources are a wise discretion, independence was forged on that date. Clothed with evincive patriotism, Our dreams wereContinue reading “PNG, lest we forget”

The blackout curse that magic cannot fix

Keith jackson & Friends: PNA Attitude 13 October 2022 I call it a curse for many reasons but I won’t discuss them all. It’s a curse because it really doesn’t matter which government is in place or which CEO is appointed, no one – and I mean no one – has really addressed the blackoutContinue reading The blackout curse that magic cannot fix

Highlighting the poetry of Lydia Gah

Behind the veil Melanesian Culture Shrouded behind the Mysticism of Melanesian culture, Lies an untouchable Monster. Racking lives of blossoming Roses, Once the pride of families, clans and tribes. Towering menacingly high above dark clouds, Onlookers simply and indifferently look on, As if paralysed knowing not what to do, For they say, “it is theContinue reading “Highlighting the poetry of Lydia Gah”

Learning Tok Pisin: it’s harder than it looks

Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude 02 October 2022 At first as I began to learn Pidgin, I thought, ‘This is easy. It’s a form of baby talk and there’s nothing to it’. I could not have been more mistaken DORIAN (DUSTY) NICOL| Unravel  | Edited CALIFORNIA – I arrived in Papua New Guinea in September 1980,Continue reading Learning Tok Pisin: it’s harder than it looks

Now at last, the return of the legendary Telek

Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude 18 October 2022 In Kambek, Telek applies his hauntingly beautiful voice to traverse many musical styles and capture the spirit of the Tolai people. The album blends contemporary with Melanesian rhythms: the music enriched with island harmonies and textured environmental sounds MATTHEW FORD | Wantok Music MELBOURNE – George Mamua Telek, orContinue reading Now at last, the return of the legendary Telek