Peace and Harmony in my family

By Mary Eugenia I was not yet born when the Bougainville conflict began in 1989. When the Panguna mine shut down, my dad who was working there came back to Buin and married my mother. Like the rest of the young men during that time, he joined the Bougainville Revolutionary Army. I am the firstContinue reading “Peace and Harmony in my family”

We are one by blood

By JOSEPH TAMBURE – posted on PNG Attitude blog I’m black, I’m whiteWe’re one by blood Nothing separates how hard we tryI’ve same blood group as youSo we’re one foreverDialects, circumstances, boundaries,Standards, status don’t matter hereBorn same, die same, no differenceAnd we are one forever See same sun; walk same earthBreathe same air; sleep same sleepSoContinue reading “We are one by blood”

Preserving Papua New Guinea’s 850 Languages

By Noah Sheidlower – Borgen Magazine TACOMA, Washington — Papua New Guinea is considered the most linguistically diverse place on the planet with around 850 different languages spoken throughout the country. While English is understood by most of the population, the country has two other official languages. One language is Tok Pisin, a Creole language based on English, theContinue reading “Preserving Papua New Guinea’s 850 Languages”

PNG languages dying with each generation

By AAP and AG staff  Indigenous PNG languages are dying with each generation, and may only survive in ceremonies, experts say. WHO WILL SPEAK INIAI in 2050? Or Faiwol? Moskona? Wahgi? Probably no one, as the languages of New Guinea – the world’s greatest linguistic reservoir – are disappearing in a tide of indifference. Yoseph Wally,Continue reading “PNG languages dying with each generation”

Digital literacy in 21st century education

By BETTY GABRIEL WAKIAIN THE digital age of the 21st century, the development of technology has greatly changed the global economic situation and the structure of the labour force.A large number of daily works have gradually been replaced by machines, and the basic reading and writing ability has been unable to meet the needs ofContinue reading “Digital literacy in 21st century education”

Pandemic impacts global education

By BETTY GABRIEL WAKIASINCE its outbreak nearly 1.5 billion students worldwide from pre-school to higher education have been affected by the pandemic.The new coronavirus has caused the most serious damage to the education system in history, affecting more than 190 countries, according to the “Covid-19 and Subsequent Education Policy Briefing” published by the United NationsContinue reading “Pandemic impacts global education”

An hour by the Kepesia  Rocky Beach

By Alphonse M Huvi I see the sea shore washed away like the bulldozer clearing the land I watched in agony as the treasured trees nearby were washed away like logging taking place Like a marbles clanging against each other, the pebbles rejoiced over the splashing salt water Sea waves rushing towards the land likeContinue reading An hour by the Kepesia  Rocky Beach

Two poems from Telly Orekavala

Too much freedom stings Freedom is a human need It gives us our rights The right to live Freedom of speech Freedom of Association Freedom of movement But also the right to abuse it Too much freedom stings Man talk about it Man sing about it Man dream about it When freedom is deprived PeopleContinue reading “Two poems from Telly Orekavala”

29 days: Nanjikana & Qoloni’s big drift

JARED KOLI| Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation HONIARA – Livae Nanjikana and Junior Qoloni have beaten big odds in surviving 29 days lost at sea on a 400 km drift from Solomon Islands until their rescue off the coast of West New Britain last Saturday. The intended trip already had its risks, a 200 km seaContinue reading “29 days: Nanjikana & Qoloni’s big drift”