A young poet from India entered our Mini-poetry 2022 Competition

Krishti Khandelwai, is an award winning 13 year old poet “I am Krishti Khandelwal a 13 years old girl from new Delhi, India. I love to pen down my thoughts into words. Writing has always fascinated me as it was something I always wanted to do, this season (Lockdown) I had created and shared myContinue reading “A young poet from India entered our Mini-poetry 2022 Competition”

A new poem for the 2022 election period

Yumi save laikim suga Michael Dom | Ples Singsing Writers & Associates Yumi Papua Niugini man-meri Yumi save laikim suga Laikim suga wantaim ti Laikim suga wantaim kopi Laikim suga long kaikai Laikim suga blong loli Laikim kola na pepsi Laikim swit moa Rum n’ Berry Laikim Kopiko na laikim Lipo Em igo stret wantaimContinue reading “A new poem for the 2022 election period”

Kindly Kindle became a greedy book monster

In Amazon’s early days there was a hint of a benevolent and philanthropic spirit in its business model, but the ogre of profit at all costs has overtaken all other considerations PHILIP FITZPATRICK – posted on PNG Attitude Blog TUMBY BAY – Michael Dom and I have just endured an incredibly dispiriting battle with AmazonContinue reading “Kindly Kindle became a greedy book monster”

Oro to this Place of War and Peace

I wrote this poem sitting in my house in the middle of Gorari Village thinking about this beautiful land that is steeped in the history of the Second World War in the Pacific as well as its own traditional histories. The title of the poem is ‘Oro to this Place of War and Peace’. ThisContinue reading “Oro to this Place of War and Peace”

Ensuring the literary embers still burn bright

Despite the setbacks and difficulties, sparkling embers still burn in the fireplace of Papua New Guinean literature. Rait ples, rait papagraun, rait pipol. Right place, right heritage, right people. In Tok Pisin rait is also ‘write’ – Keith Jackson MICHAEL DOM – posted on PNG Attitude blog LAE – Around the middle of June, Ples Singsing Writers &Continue reading “Ensuring the literary embers still burn bright”

Sir Peter Barter, great figure in PNG, dies at 82

GARRY ROCHE – posted on PNG Attitude blog MAYNOOTH, IRELAND – Sir Peter Barter, 82, who passed away in Cairns after a short illness on Wednesday 22 June, was well known and respected as a politician and businessman. It is widely acknowledged that he achieved much in his time especially for both Madang Town andContinue reading “Sir Peter Barter, great figure in PNG, dies at 82”

Dominica Are & her Prized Possessions

HAZEL KUTKUE| Sipikriva Girl Blog | Photographs by Dominica Are ‘Prized Possessions: A Collection of Poetry’by Dominica Are, paperback, 132 pages. Independently published, March 2020. ISBN-13 979-8622956454. Available here from Amazon for $US8.73 BRAUN – Poetry makes for beautiful literature. Sipikriva Girl, despite not entirely embracing poetry, had the opportunity to speak to 34-year old writer, poet andContinue reading “Dominica Are & her Prized Possessions”