SHORT-STORY: Whistles from another world

BY MATHISAH TURI Don’t whistle at night, they say, for you never know who might respond. Especially at night when darkness rules and silence is at it’s greatest. Ten year old Irai had not learned of this superstition. But she knew of the existence of the world beyond ours, where no humans dwell. She sawContinue reading “SHORT-STORY: Whistles from another world”

Welcoming Governor General of PNG to 2019 Goroka Show

By Mercy Frank My name is Mercy Frank and I’m 14 years old from Asaro village, Eastern Highlands province of PNG. I was born on January 17th of 2006. This story is based on how my friends and I welcome the Governor General Sir Bob Dadae to attend the 2019 Goroka show in Eastern HighlandsContinue reading “Welcoming Governor General of PNG to 2019 Goroka Show”

More than one way to defeat corruption

By DAVID KITCHNOGE| My Land, My Country PORT MORESBY – I am concerned about increasingly loud, twisted, short-sighted and naive views held by many people about the fight against corruption and bad practice. Some of these views may even be deliberate distractions. It seems people think the only way to fight the scourge is to jailContinue reading “More than one way to defeat corruption”

Don’t Make History a Fairy Tale!

By Gregory Bablis Cultures around the world have different concepts of history and of time. The historicity of a people or place crystallizes in many forms etched in the environment, landscape, language, stories, and material culture. Legends, myths, fairy tales, creation stories or origin stories are just some examples. They are historical “artifacts” that canContinue reading “Don’t Make History a Fairy Tale!”

My Sister Celest

STEPHANIE ALOIS | Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude 05 April 2021 So I’ve said nothing, nothing at allabout our Celest. Maybe you heard?My sister’s such a disappointment.She goes off to school each dayin hope of a future bright and bold,Then comes home full of complaintabout clothes, stationery, friends, money. Alas! She spends like aContinue reading “My Sister Celest”