New Children’s Book Announcement

By Caroline Evari I would like to announce the publication of my newly published children’s story book When I grow up which is now available in paperback on amazon for 6.20 US dollars This book is a collaboration with Papua New Guinean female artist Clarisa Alu and poet Bradley Gewa. Inspired by traditional art, everyContinue reading “New Children’s Book Announcement”

Christianity seems to have failed us badly

KELA KAPKORA SIL BOLKIN Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude, 06 May 2021 PORT MORESBY – At independence the constitution of Papua New Guinea did not separate church and state. In fact, the constitution declared Christian values as a decent custom to be adopted, upheld and passed on to the next generation. Besides, the constitutionContinue reading “Christianity seems to have failed us badly”

Implications of Unequal Sexual Power faced by PNG wives

BANABAS MENEI Sex in marriages or sex between a husband and a wife is undeniably a contentious issue of research and formal discussion. From a cultural perspective, in many cases, Papua New Guineans are strong believers that whatever that happens in a marriage is private. On one hand, there are arguments that lack of sexContinue reading “Implications of Unequal Sexual Power faced by PNG wives”

Reading eclectically is good for the mind

By SIMON DAVIDSON – PNG Attitude 05 May 2021 SONOMA – Reading eclectically is to read books from diverse sources of knowledge – reading a bit of something from everything. An eclectic reader reads some philosophy, some law, some accounting, and takes a dive into politics, economics, religion, poetry, computer science, political theory, rocket propulsion….Continue reading “Reading eclectically is good for the mind”

Can ATS repel the Chinese challenge?

By KEITH JACKSON – posted on PNG Attitude 03 May 2021 NOOSA – I thought this was going to be a good news story, but now I’m  not too sure. Late last week, Papua New Guinea prime minister James Marape seemed to move with lightning speed  to stop a developer evicting residents and destroying homesContinue reading “Can ATS repel the Chinese challenge?”

Sana: The making of a great man

DIANE HIRIMA & MINETTA KAKAREREAcademia Nomad | Edited posted 4th May 2021 on PNG Attitude Michael Somare: Sana, An Autobiography PORT MORESBY – Sana was first published in 1975, the year of Papua New Guinea’s independence. It traces Sir Michael Somare life from childhood to politics and his leading PNG to nationhood. Sana (peacemaker) is a metaphor for aContinue reading “Sana: The making of a great man”

Culturally based leadership in contemporary Papua Niugini

LINGARD RAGIN “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one who gets the people to do the greatest things” – US President Ronald Reagan Leadership in contemporary PNG culture is entirely different between the Highlands and the Coastal societies. A leader in the Highlands is recognizedContinue reading “Culturally based leadership in contemporary Papua Niugini”

The Rise of the NEW PNG WRITERS

By Shane Baiva Young PNG AUTHORS like Glen Burua, Edward E Isouve, Gerard William Ivalaoa and Nigel V Sine are rising to leave a mark for this Generation & Generations to come! I am excited, blessed & so humbled to see this young people doing what they love doing – WRITING & getting Published. InContinue reading “The Rise of the NEW PNG WRITERS”


IN HONOR OF LATE Cr KURAI TAPUS OF KAIAP VILLAGE, WABAG Links here to a short story and new book about Kurai Tapus by Daniel Kumbon BROUGHT TO YOU BY PLES SINGSING & MR. PAUL KURAI, OWNER OF RIBITO GRILL & RESTARAUNT (PORT MORESBY) Instructions The person written about does not need to be famousContinue reading “ANNOUNCING THE KURAI MEMORIAL AWARDS FOR BIOGRAPHICAL SHORT STORIES”