Skelim namba na wokmak bilong Ples Singsing na Tingting Bilong Mi Essays

BY PLES SINGSING MASTERMINDS Ples Singsing is only four months old, a mere babe in the blogosphere. We don’t aim to be the biggest, bestest blogon the block, but we do intend to do what we can do really well – support PNG writers. Since October 2020 we have published 138 articles, gained a smallContinue reading “Skelim namba na wokmak bilong Ples Singsing na Tingting Bilong Mi Essays”

Informal economy ensures equitable development

BY CATHERINE WILSONInter Press Service News Agency Re-blogged on Keith Jackson & Freinds: PNG Attitude, 26 January 2012 ALTHOUGH PAPUA NEW GUINEA is known as a resource-rich country, 85% of the population depends on the informal economy for a living. The need for a grassroots-led economic enterprise to aid equitable and sustainable development is nationallyContinue reading “Informal economy ensures equitable development”

Our forebears’ practices deserve our accolades

BY FRANCIS NII Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude, 29 January 2012 PAPUA NEW GUINEANS TODAY SHOULD BE PROUD of our ancestors for their sapience in containing the deadly diseases tuberculosis and leprosy from spreading and killing the people in the period prior to the western influence. Before western medicine was introduced into Papua NewContinue reading “Our forebears’ practices deserve our accolades”

Tingting Bilong Mi Essay Competition HERE ARE YOUR JUDGES

Presented by Ples Singsing Masterminds FINAL JUDGES Fiona Hukula is a researcher and advocate against violence. Fiona enjoys reading PNG literature and believes that reading is an excellent way to help us think about the world around us. She believes that all children should be given the opportunity to read books. Fiona is a volunteerContinue reading “Tingting Bilong Mi Essay Competition HERE ARE YOUR JUDGES”


Get ready to submit your entries before 31 January 2021! This week we’ll begin introducing you to the panel of selection judges and the two final judges for the winning essays. We’ll also provide some statistics on the number of entries and where they’ve all come from. We know you’ve been thinking and writing overContinue reading “TWO WEEKS MORE TO GO ON THE TINGTING BILONG MI ESSAY COMPETITION”

Semantics: but Minister, there are no dropouts

BY MICHAEL DOM  “The Fode students will study the same contents and they will sit for the same exams. So no one should be left behind. All students should be educated equally.” Education Minister Jimmy Uguro, Fee free option for dropouts The National Newspaper 12 January 2021 Dropout: what does this mean? Dropout(s), noun: aContinue reading “Semantics: but Minister, there are no dropouts”

The legend of preparing Sago

By Dominic Geva When the world was new, the crow and the cockatoo were great friends. In those days, they both had pure white feathers all over their bodies and they believed that they should do everything together and help each other always. So together they hunted for food, protected their homes against enemies andContinue reading “The legend of preparing Sago”

RNZ on Pacific/Books: Lani Wendt Young on how the digital era is changing writing and reading for the better

BY LANI WENDT YOUNG Radio New Zealand, 2018 EXCERPT: There is a great and spacious building standing tall on a hill looking out to the distant ocean. A castle. Its white walls are built high and strong; they hold back the tangle of forest that threatens to encroach on its territory. Its looming gates areContinue reading “RNZ on Pacific/Books: Lani Wendt Young on how the digital era is changing writing and reading for the better”