See you at the crossroads

Michael Dom Gordon Secondary School graduation poem for Year 12’s November 1996 At the end of Grade Twelve Two years seems Just as long a time as four And the memories just as sweet The days went by In periods long and short Interesting and exciting Boring and dreary Sleepy or alert            And we learnedContinue reading “See you at the crossroads”

Ples Singsing welcomes PNG writers and poets

Ples Singsing Masterminds “The Ples Singsing blog is created to encourage and facilitate this process to “re-thing and reclaim” our own stories, poetry and drama. Here we may interact with each other through our writing, in literature which expresses what it means to us to be Papua Niuginian”. Re-thing and reclaim our own approaches toContinue reading “Ples Singsing welcomes PNG writers and poets”

Let’s give PNG a reading culture

By Caroline Evari PORT MORESBY – The statement, ‘PNG does not have a reading culture’, kept popping up among authors and publishers gathered at the National Library during the National Book Fair in October 2019. “What’s the point of writing and publishing books, if people are not reading them,” asked Professor Steven Winduo during theContinue reading “Let’s give PNG a reading culture”

Settlements are necessary appendages to urban centers in developing countries

15 NOVEMBER 2020 GREGORY BABLIS PORT MORESBY The number of residential properties for sale in Port Moresby is growing, and fast. Not all of these structures are constructed according to laws and building standards though. Many of the houses are built on land that has not been legally acquired. Rather, quasi-legal land arrangements are executedContinue reading “Settlements are necessary appendages to urban centers in developing countries”

Slow Down By Caroline Evari

Life can be on the fast lane for most people. It could be depressing and stressful. This poem is a great reminder to all of us to slow down and enjoy life while we can: StopTake a deep breathRelaxCalm downThinkRecollect your thoughtsSleepRest your musclesEatRegain your energyDrinkMotivate yourselfSlow down No need to juggle it allIt doesn’tContinue reading “Slow Down By Caroline Evari”

Kiluwe, oh Kiluwe: a song of mist and ice

Michael Dom It is a rare pleasure to come across a poem which rises above the common, well beyond the ordinary, far from the expected, one which soars and, in doing so, lifts us up with it, allowing us to live inside it, then stand beside it and to marvel at the grandeur we behold.Continue reading “Kiluwe, oh Kiluwe: a song of mist and ice”

Voices of Independence: echoing back with nothing new to say

Michael Dom (August 2017) In Samoa there are many people who recall with only partly contrived awe that some of their early national missionaries were eaten by New Guineans. While holidaying there recently I gladly explained to a few people who asked me about this event that ‘we ate only the bad ones’. But maybeContinue reading “Voices of Independence: echoing back with nothing new to say”