Literacy, a blessing taken for granted

By Megan Fiu Ra’vu Did you know, there is an estimate of over 773 million adults around the world who are illiterate? That’s not just it, United States, the most powerful and developed country in the world has an estimated 32 million American adults who are illiterate. That’s quite shocking right? Okay, now try imagineContinue reading “Literacy, a blessing taken for granted”

Haiveta Babul aka Mrs. No Life in Nouvelle Caledonia

By Neko Babul Before I start on the next episode, let me tell you the meaning of Haiveta Mori. It means Happy Girl in the Toaripi language of Gulf Province. Haiveta was in her element, she got everything organized, her father Mr. J.P. Sarufa constructed a wooden chest to pack the bulky items like blanketsContinue reading “Haiveta Babul aka Mrs. No Life in Nouvelle Caledonia”

As dark as your first two steps away

By Angela Liu My eyes were pouring, my sobbing’s as loud as a giant’s and my mind’s overflowing with wild, crazy thoughts. It was as dark as your first two steps away. Music’s at its highest, confessions to friends and family. Even the silence was revving like a racing car. It’s deafening. It was asContinue reading “As dark as your first two steps away”

Birth. School. Life or Death. Na takis bilong gavman?

BY JULIUS JETHRO An opinion article on education from one perspective of youths Why education if you can’t find yourself in colleges or university? What is an education? Why does one need knowledge to aid one’s survival? How long has the education existed on earth? Who is to be educated by whom? Where can oneContinue reading “Birth. School. Life or Death. Na takis bilong gavman?”

Haiveta Babul aka Mrs. No Adventures in Nouvelle Caledonia

By Neko Babul Haiveta wasted no time in getting to know her fellow womenfolk at the South Pacific Commission community. Her friends taught her French, and took her on a round trip around the island. On Friday nights, we were treated to free shows of Tahitian, Wallis and Futuna Islands, or Kanaky music and dance.Continue reading “Haiveta Babul aka Mrs. No Adventures in Nouvelle Caledonia”


By Gregory Bablis Poem written on Saturday 01 May 2021 sitting underneath shade trees at Malan Raun Wara. Malan Patterning the waterRipplesBouncing off the surfaceReflectionsRolling into the shallowsWavesDoorway to a safer placeCoral lagoonGiving cooling shadeTreesSulka spirit of the placeMalanGerman colonial activitiesZungen / Tongue PointPopular Tok Pisin descriptorRaun waraBaining head watersMadaingepesWho came here first?Mother Earth.

Open your mind, read & write

By CAROLINE EVARI – posted on PNG Attitude blog on 23 August 2021 PORT MORESBY – The month of August is a significant month in Papua New Guinea for authors and schools. It is during this month that schools celebrate Book Week, and this year I was privileged to launch the Book Week program atContinue reading “Open your mind, read & write”