Powerful debut from an accomplished poet

By PHILIP FITZPATRICK – PNG Attitude Blog ‘Listen’ by Thyatira Kaupa, Hibiscus Three, 2020, 82 pages. ISBN B08KBGMG77, e-book, AU$5 from Amazon Australia TUMBY BAY – One of the disconcerting elements of Papua New Guinea literature is that there is generally no fanfare when a new book appears. Interested readers have no source to check out what’sContinue reading “Powerful debut from an accomplished poet”

Kastom & Kristen can be a perfect match

By PHILIP FITZPATRICK – posted on PNG Attitude Blog TUMBY BAY – In between finishing my latest novel and starting a new one I’ve been proofreading a fascinating autobiography by Johannes Kundal. Johannes is a member of Enga Writers Association and his book, The Legend of the Miok Egg, is being edited and readied for publication byContinue reading “Kastom & Kristen can be a perfect match”

Sir Paulias Matane, an outstanding leader, dies at 90

TANIA FEWEC BALE – PNG Attitude Blog| The Pacific Newsroom FINSCHHAFEN – Very sad news this morning on the passing of Sir Paulias Matane, a truly great human being. My mind goes back to the last interview I did with him. It was after he had retired as Papua New Guinea’s Governor General. We met himContinue reading “Sir Paulias Matane, an outstanding leader, dies at 90”

Election ‘22: Voter guide to how bad will oust good

KELA KAPKORA SIL BOLKIN – posted on PNG Attitude Blog PORT MORESBY – I want to talk about the kind of people who aspire to be national leaders and what might make them good leaders or not. Leaders shape our local level governments, districts, provinces and ultimately our entire nation. But the poor results on theContinue reading “Election ‘22: Voter guide to how bad will oust good”

Volcano Eruption in Rabaul

By Marianne Benny Over some years ago, there was a coastal town in Papua New Guinea called Rabaul. It was a very nice and peaceful place and people were friendly. People from nearby provinces go there for holiday. Nobody worried about the volcano which was near them, they enjoyed themselves. Around midday, everyone was sittingContinue reading “Volcano Eruption in Rabaul”

Susan Karike: PNG Flag designer

By Jacintha Kerry In 1971, as independence approached; the people of Papua New Guinea were invited by the government to submit their designs for a competition to find the flag of Papua New Guinea. A committee of Parliamentarians from the Papua New Guinea House of Assembly toured the country inspecting the flag designs, hoping toContinue reading “Susan Karike: PNG Flag designer”

’George Washington’ and the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel: legend-making in wartime Papua

By Dr Jonathan Ritchie and Gregory Bablis My colleague from the Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery, Gregory Bablis, was unable to get to Finland to present his section of our joint paper and so I will read his contribution later in the presentation. To begin with, however, I will provide some preliminaryContinue reading “’George Washington’ and the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel: legend-making in wartime Papua”

A living legend of a typical man

By Paul Minga You don’t know how excited l was as a typical Papua New Guinean when unexpected news reached me that l would be travelling to Australia. Such news when reached a typical man’s ears – it is indeed a heart throbbing news that sends a typical  into orbit in space or another planetContinue reading “A living legend of a typical man”

PNGDF Pilot Late Capt Peter Wanamp: Pride of the Tribe

By Paul Minga Another PNG’s very best pilot late Capt – Peter Wanamp Ansphill (Capt Sheriff) was a flag bearer of the Jiwaka people and the pride of Senglap tribe. Peter was a first son from the Waghi Valley to brush aside fear and risk that is imminent for any aviator likely to encounter over the flyingContinue reading “PNGDF Pilot Late Capt Peter Wanamp: Pride of the Tribe”