Our Motherland, habitat for flora and fauna by Megan Fiu Ra’vu

Honorable mention World Environment Day Poetry My name is Megan Fiu Ra’vu. I am mix parentage of Central and Milne Bay. I always loved writing poems since I was a kid however as I grew older and with the introduction of new technology, I totally lost interest in reading and mainly writing poems and stories.Continue reading “Our Motherland, habitat for flora and fauna by Megan Fiu Ra’vu”

TOK-SINGSING: Sanap longlong (Standing stupidly)

MICHAEL DOM Yu sanap long dua Bilong Anutu na beten Wat po yu less long knok-knok Ating em imas Bikpela man tumas Long yu paitim dua bilong em Na lukim Hamaspela lain Ol tu i wet istap Em ia Marape gavman Na long hapsait Ol pastol bilong sios Mi ting olsem Ol i wanwok bilongContinue reading “TOK-SINGSING: Sanap longlong (Standing stupidly)”

Gagana Samoa Language Week ends on June 5

Analysis: What exactly does the Samoan Language Week theme mean? RNZ Anric Sitanilei, Social media journalist The theme for this year’s Samoan Language Week has been penned “Strengthen the posts of your house, for all to thrive.” But what exactly does this mean? In Gagana Samoa and in English, an exploration…. Another article today fromContinue reading “Gagana Samoa Language Week ends on June 5”

Mama Tang (Mother Tongue)

MICHAEL DOM | Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude, 03 June 2021 Mama tangThe hookLong hangamapimYour items of bilasIs not missedUntil it’s not thereAt the pool showersNa your bilasEmi silip long floa And gets trod onBy other swimmersDisregarded, made to lookOlsem pipia. Ragged.Go aheadHave your swimWhen you’re doneBai yu painim Narapela trasis Long karamapim assBilong yu na semOlsemContinue reading “Mama Tang (Mother Tongue)”


Language and ethnobiological skills decline precipitously in Papua New Guinea, the world’s most linguistically diverse nation Alfred Kik et al, 22021, PNAS Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Download the full article here Significance Around the world, more than 7,000 languages are spoken, most of them by small populations of speakers in the tropics.Continue reading “RESEARCH ARTICLE”

Cultural Globalization: The Impacts of Social Media in PNG

It is commonly known that knowledge is power. In my perception, I believe knowledge is stored information that has a prevailing impact on a person. In the modern period, societies and human culture has evolved and reshaped itself through the power of distributed information, concepts and values. This process is called ‘cultural globalization’. Britannica onlineContinue reading “Cultural Globalization: The Impacts of Social Media in PNG”


Call for Entries: Youth Resilience and Climate Change Poem Competition Theme: ‘Our Action Now– Our Future, Our Resilience’ The Pacific Resilience Partnership (PRP) through the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat (PIFS), Resilience team invites young artist and poets from Pacific Island Countries and territories to submit an original Poem around the Theme ‘Our Action Now– OurContinue reading “TOKSAVE: POEM COMPETITION ENDING ON JUNE 14”

ESSAY: Compensation payment undermines justice in PNG

JIMAIMAH WAFI Compensation is a way of settling disputes between two parties. Compensation is typically money awarded to someone in recognition of loss, suffering or injury. In Papua New Guinea (PNG) compensation is becoming common for settling disputes and making peace between two parties. Compensation is provided for different reasons, for example, homicide compensation, workersContinue reading “ESSAY: Compensation payment undermines justice in PNG”