Sumatin Magazine Issue #002 July 2022

IN THIS SECOND ISSUE we look back at the start of Papua Niugini’s literary history, with retrospective articles from academic scholars and old students of the ‘father of PNG literature’, Ulrich Horst Beier. We do this in order to ‘give back to PNG what we already have’ – a rich heritage of literary work emergingContinue reading “Sumatin Magazine Issue #002 July 2022”

Narokobi and the Melanesian Way

By LISE M DOBRIN and ALEX GOLUB – Posted on The National A CENTRAL figure in Papua New Guinea’s transition from Australian territory to independent nation, Bernard Narokobi was a jurist, philosopher and poet.He is best remembered for making ‘the Melanesian Way’ an important theme –if not the guiding ideological principle – in the discourseContinue reading “Narokobi and the Melanesian Way”

Grand-daughter’s story of a pioneering pastor

PHILIP FITZPATRICK – posted on PNG Attitude blog Mugang Mugarewec Bitengere- A Pioneer Missionary to the Highlands of New Guinea by Gabby Mugang, Marapa Publications, Waigani, 2018, K100 from the author at TUMBY BAY – The early Lutheran missionaries in the highlands relied very heavily on their Papua New Guinean pastors and evangelists to spread theirContinue reading “Grand-daughter’s story of a pioneering pastor”

Poetry reviews: Lamentations on the joy of youth

MICHAEL DOM Cry My Beloved Country, Collection of Poems and Prose 1998 – 2018, Telly Orekavala, JDT Publishing, Port Moresby, February 2019, ISBN-13: 978-1797-08-275-2 Kindle Direct Publishing, USA, 76pp. Available on Amazon $3.59 THERE are many different ways to interpret a collection of poems and prose, and so writing about such a book, for me,Continue reading “Poetry reviews: Lamentations on the joy of youth”

In pursuit of Melanesian jurisprudence

By DAVID GONOL – posted on the National PAPUA new Guinea is truly a unique country in the world. It is one of the most diverse countries in the world in terms of cultures and languages. I always unashamedly take huge pride in this beautiful and unique country.America may be the world leader in military,Continue reading “In pursuit of Melanesian jurisprudence”

Poetry reviews: persistent & emerging voices

Raymond Sigimet’s sparks of brilliance now and then set the page ablaze MICHAEL DOM Mirror On The Wall: selected poems, short stories and expositions by Raymond Muso Sigimet. JDT Publications, Port Moresby, 2018. 92 pp. ISBN-13: 978-1724-22-495-8. Amazon Books, paperback $7.41 A Window To My House: Collection of Poems by Raymond Muso Sigimet. JDT Publications,Continue reading “Poetry reviews: persistent & emerging voices”

God’s last stopping place. But what of Nutu?

“But when they came they hid you in the Book / And said you weren’t from around this place / We searched ’til we had nowhere else to look…” GREGORY BABLIS – posted on PNG Attitude blog ORO – I wrote this sonnet as I thought about some of the ideas arising from my interviewsContinue reading “God’s last stopping place. But what of Nutu?”

Vance Solmien laments for the land, for home and family

A poem entered in the Mini-Poetry 2022 Competition for World Environment Day Poem by Vance Solmien My Home, My Family What has happened to my home and my family? My heart is troubled and my soul laments in anguish and sorrow. My land is in bitter sorrow and mourning, In losing her beloved sons andContinue reading “Vance Solmien laments for the land, for home and family”