Vale, hero, sail the midnight sun

Sail the midnight sun, a long poem by John Kasaipwalova First verse: “I am the midnight sun My soul conceived to body The love embrace of that night When my Bwalai turned monster of the depths Trembling for blood revenge on mankind But instead summoned with burning desires My naked Libra in her virgin loveContinue reading “Vale, hero, sail the midnight sun”

The story of Chief John, poet & radical

MULAI ROBBY | The National Weekender, 21 May 2023 [PNG Attitude] PORT MORESBY – Her voice rose high and echoed in the big hall of the Reverend Sione Kami Memorial Church, drowning the noise of the heavy rain thudding on the roof. The woman dedicated her song to the man she addressed as the fatherContinue reading “The story of Chief John, poet & radical”

Ples Singsing mourns the loss of Chief John Kasaipwalova, poet & radical

May he always find his way home sailing the midnight sun. Reluctant Flame, v14 “People will live, people will die But the tiny flame will grow its arms and legs very slowly Until one day its volcanic pulse will tear the gree mountain apart To allow pentup blood flow and congested vomit spit freely TinyContinue reading “Ples Singsing mourns the loss of Chief John Kasaipwalova, poet & radical”

My Name is Marcel Ezra Mapai: This is my story

Marcel Mapai My middle name is “Efi” but I decided to use “Ezra” as I wanted a Biblical Name so someone gave that name to me. I come from Central Province, Inauaia Village in Mekeo Tribe. I completed my Degree studies at Divine Word University and obtained Degree in Business Management. I also attended theContinue reading “My Name is Marcel Ezra Mapai: This is my story”

Sonnet#101: Put crabs in Willy’s boxes

Celebrate World Poetry Day with this poetic essay in modern sonnet form by Michael Dom “In fairness however, in the contest between free verse and so-called fixed forms, many modernists did reject the sonnet as an over-rehearsed exercise. William Carlos Williams famously shunned it as an artificial frame imprisoning the energy of modern America, famouslyContinue reading “Sonnet#101: Put crabs in Willy’s boxes”

We are one and the same

Celebrate World Poetry Day with this magnificent poem by Kaija Aroga, author of Bill Belfast short stories A late entry in the World Environment Day 2022 Mini-Poetry Competition, the adjudicator, Samoan poetess, journalist and dramatist, Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i, said that in this poem Ms. Aroga shows us how to avoid “the throng of environmentalContinue reading “We are one and the same”