An hour by the Kepesia  Rocky Beach

By Alphonse M Huvi I see the sea shore washed away like the bulldozer clearing the land I watched in agony as the treasured trees nearby were washed away like logging taking place Like a marbles clanging against each other, the pebbles rejoiced over the splashing salt water Sea waves rushing towards the land likeContinue reading An hour by the Kepesia  Rocky Beach

Two poems from Telly Orekavala

Too much freedom stings Freedom is a human need It gives us our rights The right to live Freedom of speech Freedom of Association Freedom of movement But also the right to abuse it Too much freedom stings Man talk about it Man sing about it Man dream about it When freedom is deprived PeopleContinue reading “Two poems from Telly Orekavala”

29 days: Nanjikana & Qoloni’s big drift

JARED KOLI| Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation HONIARA – Livae Nanjikana and Junior Qoloni have beaten big odds in surviving 29 days lost at sea on a 400 km drift from Solomon Islands until their rescue off the coast of West New Britain last Saturday. The intended trip already had its risks, a 200 km seaContinue reading “29 days: Nanjikana & Qoloni’s big drift”

‘Hot-cake’ Maseratis now a bargain. Maybe

ASIA NEWS DESK| British Broadcasting Corporation LONDON – Papua New Guinea has admitted making a ‘terrible mistake’ after struggling to sell a £4.2m (K20 million) fleet of luxury cars bought to impress politicians during a meeting of regional leaders. The then-O’Neill government boasted the Maseratis would be snapped up after being used for the 2018Continue reading “‘Hot-cake’ Maseratis now a bargain. Maybe”

Founding father Sir Pita Lus dies at 86

KEITH JACKSON – posted on PNG Attitude Blog NOOSA – Sir Pita Lus, one of the fathers of Papua New Guinea independence, has died in Maprik aged 86 only a few weeks after giving his last public speech. Sir Pita was elected to seven PNG parliaments, including the first House of Assembly in 1964, hisContinue reading “Founding father Sir Pita Lus dies at 86”

40 years lost on useless reforms

JOE KETAN| My Land, My Country KUK – Public sector reform is an alien concept to the people of Papua New Guinea. The idea has been brought into countries like PNG by fly-by-night consultants, whose knowledge seems based almost exclusively on trendy paperbacks purchased at airport bookshops on their way to their new jobs inContinue reading “40 years lost on useless reforms”

Tok Pisin first for Commonwealth story prize

By EMMA D’COSTA – posted on PNG Attitude blog| Commonwealth Foundation LONDON, UK – Guyanese writer Fred D’Aguiar will chair an international panel of judges for the 2022 Commonwealth Short Story Prize, which is now open to 1 November 2021. And for the first time the prize – offering a first prize of K24,000 –Continue reading “Tok Pisin first for Commonwealth story prize”