Poems from Edward Grant-Gila Pulagis book Pieces of Time

The book is dedicated to his brother, Albert T. Pulagis, and that act speaks volumes of the love of brothers.

A quote in the dedication offers us a meaningful message – “There comes a time when you will realise that the people who care about you the most are the ones that you spend less time with” – Grant-Gila.

In this collection, Edwards Christianity shines out like a ray of hope. And although he makes no mention of it in our communication, the poem An angel that went to Heaven, encapsulates the love he realised for his brother and the support he received from the young soul, now departed.

“He was never famous / Never glamorous / Left a void in my family / A life filled with dreams / An angel now in heaven”.

Edwards poems talk to us, they tell us a story, about his adventures, about his thoughts, his faith, and the love he finds.

I think, despite myself, that I like Edwards poems. They are not my preferred style of writing, but if writing was all about style, then I think that poetry would have gone out of fashion a long time ago.

I think I like Edwards poems because they have soul. They remind me of things that I may have otherwise forgotten. Simple things. Impotant things. Basic things. And that is not only comforting, it is hopeful.

Much like his conclusion in the book titles inspiring poem, A Moment in Time; “a moment in time / the best thing ever / was meeting you.

Poor critic that I am, I am glad to have met Edwards poems.

Here are two of them.

For your greatness lies in humility

Father pick me up from this broken road,
I want to follow in your footsteps
beside the great stream of waters
For your greatness lies in humility

Father in my integrity, I walked in unrighteousness
In great steps my path saw blindness
With extinguishable strength you carry me
for your greatness lies in humility

In fleeting moments, I encountered darkness
In terrible mistakes, I saw difficulties
My soul bearing the scars of time
There my pride led me to great humility

In a world of unknown path
Lord I pursue after your truth
Bounded in your love and tranquility
For your greatness lies in humility
Four men

Four men in separable to each other,
depaite difference are four,
Remained united in heart forevermore

Four men with a special love for each other,
men under the test of time still remain strong,
men of all seasons with character as solid as rock

four men supported each other through life,
ordinary men raised under difficult circumstances
put through life's extreme conditions

Four regions gave birth to Papua New Guinea
Not the perfect family but a good country
four brothers raised by British Father

Four sisters raised by an Australian mother
A mother's touch of love like a stroke of feather
Not the perfect mother but a loving one

Brothers are they, the Papuan
Family in diversity are they, the Momasean
Unity through many are they, the Highlander
Land of abundance are they, the New Guinea Islander

Born in 1975 are these four men,
Four generations onwards
Many sons & daughter they have raised

Through the highs & lows they thrived to survive
40 years on the four men continue to stand firm
This is an example to unite us all!

Published by Ples Singsing

Ples Singsing is envisioned to be a new platform for Papua Niuginian expressions of creativity, ingenuity and originality in art and culture. We deliberately highlight these two very broad themes as they can encompass the diverse subjects, from technology, medicine and architecture to linguistics, music, fishing, gardening et cetera. Papua Niuginian ways of thinking, living, believing, communicating, dying and so on can cover the gamut of academic, journalistic or opinionated writing and we believe that unless we give ourselves a platform to talk about and discuss these things in an open, free and non-exclusively academic space that they may remain the fodder for academics, journalists and other types of writers alone. New social media platforms have given every individual a personal space to share their feelings and ideas openly, sometimes without immediate censure. The Ples Singsing writer’s blog would like to provide another more structured platform for Papua Niuginian expressions in written, visual and audio formats while also providing some regulation of the type and content of materials to be shared publicly.

2 thoughts on “Poems from Edward Grant-Gila Pulagis book Pieces of Time

  1. Thanks for the poems Michael. I will find a place for them later in the week.

    Also will give your erudite population growth essay a run on the main page. Really good stuff.


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