Marape’s’ intention to declare PNG Christian country a timely call

By Moore Kelly

Declaring PNG a Christian country and making it the richest black nation is Hon. Marape’s brainchild. When first announced, many stood both with and against. Those who stood against have their reasons, but unless explained and debated, their reasons remain abstract. Those who stood with have their reasons too. I stand with Hon. Marape for there is no mountain too high we cannot climb, or an ocean too wide we cannot sail across.

Hon. Marape ‘for the record’ is the first Adventist Prime Minister of PNG. He knows Bible Prophecy. And the visionary leader he is and the hunger he has to drive this country forward can be seen in his spoken words.

Every great vision is stimulated by factors for nothing pops out of the blue. So what is Hon. Marape’s? My guess is, ‘his intention to declare PNG a Christian country and making it the richest black nation’ has something to do with the 400 year old Bible sitting idle in parliament.

Suppose guessed right, that Bible in parliament could be the first ever English translation of the Bible written by John Wycliff in the early 1400s’. If it is Wycliffs Bible, it is 600 years old. If it is a revised edition, it is the said 400 years old.

During ‘The Reign of Terror’ (538-1798) Catholism waged war upon the Bible and those who held it sacred that at times very few copies were in circulation in scrolls. It was a crime in those days to own a copy of those scrolls. These early Christians were seen as enemies of church and state; hence they were driven from their homes, hunted down like beasts of prey and persecuted with relentless fury. The Romish Church pervaded over every domain. Art, literature, science, business, religion, etc. Continental Europe would have forever lazed in the deep coma it had fallen into had not the ‘Morning Star of the Reformation’ arose in England.

‘While acting as the chaplain of the king of England, Wycliff stood boldly against the payment of tribute claimed by the pope on the English crown. He declared that the papal assumption of authority over secular powers to be contrary to both reason and revelation.

Wycliff, a progenitor of the Puritans’ had his Bible written in a time when the art of printing was still unknown. It was through slow and wearisome labor that copies of his writings’ were circulated throughout Western Europe amidst the spiritual darkness. His writings’ compelled Reformers like Luther, Knox, Calvin, etc. in championing the reformation in their native countries. 1884 Great Controversy. Subtitle; Early Reformers, p88.

When England rejected Catholism and upheld the Bible, God richly blessed the English throne. Driven by Gods favor, England, a little country at the northeast corner of continental Europe colonized almost the whole world. Its mother tongue is now spoken all over the world. They spreaded Christianity in every new land they colonized. ‘God bless the King/Queen’ has been their motto.

The English throne for some 200 years after Wycliffs death went through a long line of twists and turns. Meaning that, when a Catholic monarch ascended the throne, it persecuted the Protestants. When a Protestant monarch took the crown, it invited back the English exiles.

‘To escape the fierce persecutions at the hands of the Catholic monarchs, the Puritans’ led by Roger Williams set sail for America in the Mayflower on 16th September, 1607 from Plymouth with 132 persons and 30 crews. They established the first ever settlement on American soil, Jamestown, named after James 1 of England in the state of Virginia.’ (See Internet.) And this is where the Bible that is in our parliament came from.

The early Christians fled from royal oppression and priestly intolerance; hence they established a system of government without a king and a religion without a pope. Twin pillars of modern democracy. The American constitution hangs upon these two great principals, ‘Religious and Civil Liberty.’

When Uncle Sam became the depository of Gods Holy Writ, God richly blessed America and it has risen to become the most powerful nation among the society of nations today. And like England, ‘God bless America,’ has been their motto.

Hon. Marape knows the rich blessings reaped by those who became depositories of Gods Holy Writ. We are now the depository of Gods Holy Writ. Our PM knows what he saying.

On the one hand, I strongly support Hon. Marape’s call to declare PNG a Christian country and making it become the richest black nation. On the other hand, it is a really tough call! And my challenge to Hon. Marape with due respect is, ‘it is easily said than done.’ Nevertheless, Marape could be our Jehu. He is the only PM than can amend the wrong decisions of previous governments and lead the country back to the paths of righteousness. But to do so, really tough and very important decisions are to be made.

Decisions’ like; .. Weeding out corruption. And this begins at the floor of parliament, .. Abolishing the Church State Partnership Agreement. Its existence is spiritually wrong and is also a breach of ‘separation of church and state’ one of democracies strongest principles. .. Dismantle the National Council of Churches. It is the image of the beast of Revelation 13:1-8. Helen White said: ‘when the churches of our land uniting upon such points of faith as are held by them in common shall influence the state to enforce their decrees and sustain their institutions, then will Protestant America have formed an image of the Roman hierarchy.’ 1884 GC p278. ..

The government and donor agencies (the great men of the earth) must not come to the aid of the churches. This is committing spiritual fornication with Christ’s bride. God is not short of gold or silver. Governor Wasburn of Wisconsin in 1873 once said: ‘Nothing is so demoralizing or intoxicating particularly to the church then the acquisition of money or property without labor.’ GC 387. Apart from around 200 countries in the world, why the Bible is here, the last frontier must be given serious thought. It won’t be here for no reason!

Since this Bibles arrival, this country has experienced some kind of evil activities. The kind this country has never heard of, nor is it in our nature. We read and hear of; .. 50-60 year old grandfathers raping their 6-12 year old granddaughters, .. Fathers raping their biological and step daughters, .. Mothers and aunts selling their 12-15 year old daughters for a nights stand, .. A man padlocking his in laws vagina, .. A man sodomising a pig, .. A morgue keeper raping a corpse, .. A pastor raping a seven year old girl upon the pulpit at Garden Hill saying ‘em pasin blo God,’ .. Sanguma increasing at an alarming rate, and .. A rise in the production of phonography by locals to name a handful. Where are we headed to? Disaster or prosperity! The Bible is already here! God is about to do something great for PNG as he did to England and America, but our actions paints a different picture from the Christian country we boast to be. PNG is a prophetic country. The Bible is here according to Bible prophecy, and why the Bible is here will be explained in our next issue.

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One thought on “Marape’s’ intention to declare PNG Christian country a timely call

  1. When politics and religion mixed together, chaos reigned throughout history.

    You the ” spiritual” leaders are consortium with politics.


    Your very actions and comments condemn you.


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