Birth. School. Life or Death. Na takis bilong gavman?


An opinion article on education from one perspective of youths

Photo provided by Julius Jethro: Youth witnessing a public event

Why education if you can’t find yourself in colleges or university? What is an education? Why does one need knowledge to aid one’s survival? How long has the education existed on earth? Who is to be educated by whom? Where can one find education and when is it applicable?

Education is riddled with so many unanswered questions of human tragedy, the plague of illiteracy has rooted deep in our culture.

Education was rare in the recent past and only those families who have been able to achieve levels of education with the “white man” or Western life are enjoying the fruit of the education while the vast majority of the population are yet to gain the full value of education and what benefits it holds.

Sadly, the majority of our populace are still live below the average life expectancy. Poverty, sickness and associated shame has ruined our society.

We are lame to some predicaments that have become our lifestyle and continually pass the baton to the next generation.

We are preying on the next generations that we should instead raise up to take life to different level.

The helpless youngsters who should contribute meaningfully to the society are enraged with the dismal educational system which is only design to flush them aside.

The millennium that we are heading to is not a time of optimism but pessimism, despair instead of hope.

We are instilled with fears of losing our education, failing and falling behind in our educational pursuits. We fear failure more than we look forward to the education we get from the classroom.

Classroom is becoming a place of intermediation between life and death.

Fatal decision one can ever make during the first or second decade of one’s life are well chorus at the classroom.

We spend two to four years in the high school classroom only to graduate with the fear that we might not be able to continue education or finding job.

We are doomed to some unforeseen life that has reaped from society and our generation.

Since independence up to now there’s no real benefit of education in most homes in our beautiful country.

What we call a country is a ship manned by the drop-outs, the undeniable statistics that have stood test of time.

Should we allow this to continue for the next 50 years or resolve the education issues and let the dreams of our forefathers ride freely on the air?

We have had enough of this and its time our government should come up with a plan to salvage this generation and engage them into some areas that can benefit

them and the nation.

Julius hails from Menyamya in Morobe Province and is a student in Mechanical Engineering at the PNG University of Technology. He was an entrant in the Tingting Bilong Mi Essays.

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One thought on “Birth. School. Life or Death. Na takis bilong gavman?

  1. Wow! I was so amazed when I read what you have wrote and shared here.
    Brother keep up the good work of yours🙏



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