By Lorna Saguba

Hey! Style mangi,
You come in your flashy car,
On my dusty, bumpy road,
You tok VOTE ME!
I build seal roads,
But all I see after election,
You drive the Japanese 5 door,
While I lek faia the red karanas.

Hey! Style mangi,
You fly come in style,
Landing on my Kunai airstrip,
You tok VOTE ME!
I build international airport,
But all I read after election,
You Virgin Blue go na Quantas kam,
While mosquitoes patrol the Kunai field.

Hey! Style mangi,
You 75 horse powering kam,
Steering into my peaceful bay,
You tok VOTE ME!
I build modern hospital,
But all I hear after election,
You go Singapore for malaria,
While mi drinkim lemon grass for cancer.

Hey! Style mangi,
You come in your fancy language,
Flashing me your bikmahn status
You tok VOTE ME!
I bring Wireless to haus lain,
But all I hear after election,
Your selfie postings on facebook,
While mi wire lus na tingting story.

Hey! Style mangi,
You act uncivilised so the world thinks I am unmodernised,
Singing your way through with mauswara promises
You stole my privileges,
Sell my inheritances,
Your greed fuelling the corrupt dealings,
While mi sweat under the moonlight spell.

Published by Ples Singsing

Ples Singsing is envisioned to be a new platform for Papua Niuginian expressions of creativity, ingenuity and originality in art and culture. We deliberately highlight these two very broad themes as they can encompass the diverse subjects, from technology, medicine and architecture to linguistics, music, fishing, gardening et cetera. Papua Niuginian ways of thinking, living, believing, communicating, dying and so on can cover the gamut of academic, journalistic or opinionated writing and we believe that unless we give ourselves a platform to talk about and discuss these things in an open, free and non-exclusively academic space that they may remain the fodder for academics, journalists and other types of writers alone. New social media platforms have given every individual a personal space to share their feelings and ideas openly, sometimes without immediate censure. The Ples Singsing writer’s blog would like to provide another more structured platform for Papua Niuginian expressions in written, visual and audio formats while also providing some regulation of the type and content of materials to be shared publicly.

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