The Change by Austin Nasio

Second place World Environment Day Poetry

My name is Austin Nasio and I turned 19 this year. I am from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville but I grew up in Lae and am doing my first year at UPNG. I am taking Population Studies. I passed out from Busu Secondary School in Lae. It is my first time to write a poem to a competition.

The Change

The world has changed;
I can see the omens in the water
I can smell the signs in the air
I can feel the portents in the earth

Whither dwells Queen Alexander and her daughters?
For I have not seen her in many a moon
Whither nests Kumul, the pride of New Guinea?
For an icon must not hide from his kin

Gone be the chaste of the laughing streams
Gone be the purity of the fierce rivers
They have been humbled and shunned;
Tainted and corrupted with poison

Where goes the might an’ pride of the rolling mountains?
They used to be verdured with foliage
They are all but poised;
Hovering shamefully in unveiling nakedness

Drained are the forests of dancing trees
Wither are the floras of a thousand colors
They used to dye the forest with their blossom
Alas! They fall in great numbers

The leatherbacks are suffocating
The great lion of the sea can breathe naught
The sea is dying, its waters stained;
Sapphire turns to Black

Where are the fish of our waters?
The birds of our air?
The beasts of our lands?
The flora of our forests?
Tis’ True, the world has changed

Em Austin ibin tani Tok Pisin

Emi Senis

Peles i senis 
Mi ken lukim mak bilong senis insait long wara 
Mi ken smelim mak bilong senis long win 
Mi ken pilim mak bilong senis long graun 

We stap Kwin Alexander na ol pikinini bilong em? 
Mi no lukim em long planti mun i go pinis 
We stap Kumul, displa biknem bilong Niugini? 
Em i asua long em i stap hait long ol hausman bilong em 

Gutpela bilong ol hanwara i save lap i lus pinis 
Klin bilong ol bikpla strongpla wara i lus pinis 
Ol man i daunim ol na les long ol 
Ol i doti na bagarap pinis wantaim poisin 

Strong na bikem bilong ol traipela maunten i go we? 
Ol i save bilas wantaim gutpela lip blong ol diwai I grin 
Nao ol i stap sore; 
Ol hangamap wantaim sem na stap asnating 

Ol bikbus i sot long diwai i sawe danis 
Ol flawa na rop blong bus igat planti kala I sot 
Ol i sawe bilasim gut bikbus wantaim ol flawa bilong ol 
Sore! Namba bilong ol i sot 

Ol trausel i painim hat long pulim win 
Tu toea nil pis i no inap tu long pulim win 
Solwara i wok long dai isi isi em i bagarap wantaim doti; 
Kala i senis long blu igo long blak 

Ol pis bilong wara bilong umi igo we? 
Na ol Pisin i save palai antap? 
Na ol abus bilong graun? 
Na ol diwai na rop bilong bikbus? 
I tru tumas, peles i senis 

Published by Ples Singsing

Ples Singsing is envisioned to be a new platform for Papua Niuginian expressions of creativity, ingenuity and originality in art and culture. We deliberately highlight these two very broad themes as they can encompass the diverse subjects, from technology, medicine and architecture to linguistics, music, fishing, gardening et cetera. Papua Niuginian ways of thinking, living, believing, communicating, dying and so on can cover the gamut of academic, journalistic or opinionated writing and we believe that unless we give ourselves a platform to talk about and discuss these things in an open, free and non-exclusively academic space that they may remain the fodder for academics, journalists and other types of writers alone. New social media platforms have given every individual a personal space to share their feelings and ideas openly, sometimes without immediate censure. The Ples Singsing writer’s blog would like to provide another more structured platform for Papua Niuginian expressions in written, visual and audio formats while also providing some regulation of the type and content of materials to be shared publicly.

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