Grade seven student’s weekend camp

By Ruben Riyala

This story is about two best friends and some grade seven students who went out for a school weekend trip in a country side motel.
Rozey was absent from school in a week and on the following Monday, her seventh grade teacher announced to her classmates that they would go out for a long weekend camp to cook balance meal with students from the other seventh grade students. The students were really psyched up for the trip and the teacher gave the students each a consent form for the long weekend camp.

After school all the students rushed home excitedly and gave the consent form to their parents to fill. They also explained in detail the purpose of the long weekend camp and kindly asked their parents to buy their fresh foods of protective, protein and energy to cook at the camp. The parents filled in the consent form and signed their signatures as approval for their children to go. They also gave their children money and bought their required foods. The long weekend camp was also exciting because the students would watch a video based on their science lesson about the theory of evolution and creation. The following Tuesday the students went to school as usual and handed in their consent form. They could not wait for Friday. Everyone seemed to be talking about the long weekend camp.
On Wednesday, Rozey’s best friend asked the students in class, “Do you guys have any idea why Rozey is not coming to school?” One of the students replied, “Yes! I know.” His reply caught everyone’s attention so all the students looked towards his direction. He further replied, “Rozey got married.” Rozey’s best friend didn’t believe it because he knew the student was lying. “Oh, you continue to joke about Rozey when she comes to school I am going to report to her in details everything that you said,” Rozey’s best friend retorted. But what they said did not matter, as all the students were laughing and looking forward to go out camping.

Students went home and came back on Thursday, still there was no sign of Rozey. Friday was the day everyone was looking forward to. The seventh grade students came early to school and went for morning assembly. The head teacher went up in front and asked the seventh grade students, “Are you excited?” They all yelled, “Yes!” The head teacher further asked, “Why?” “Couse we’ll be going out for camp!” The students replied. After the assembly the seventh grade teachers went through the student roll to make sure everyone was present and ready to leave. However, Rozey was still absent. “Does anyone knows anything about Rozey?” The teacher asked. No student replied at all. “Never mind,” the teacher said, “complete your work because you students will be going home early in preparation for the camp.” After lunch, the students were allowed to go home and pick up their belonging and return to school.

They were told that they would go to the country side where a small motel is in a beautiful environment. All the students were over excited. They imagined the nature, the fun, the activities and their best friends with them. Troy wasn’t happy because Rozey wasn’t there with him. “What happened to Rozey?” Troy asked himself. “Is she sick?” But Troy had no idea at all. Finally the school bus arrived and parked at the school. The students hopped on excitedly and off the bus went. There were cheering and laughter in the bus, jokes and fun, excitement and joy. The students kept talking till they arrived at the motel.

Rozey was talking with her dad when she heard that a bus full of students arrived at the car park. “Dad, who are these people?” Rozey asked her father. “Oh honey, these are same students who are going to spend a long weekend here”, her dad replied. “Oh let’s go and see them dad!” Then they went out to the car park. When Rozey looked at the group of students she could not believe her eyes. “It’s Troy. Troy-y-y!” She cream and ran towards the group of students. The students and teachers saw Rozey and Troy hugged each other in excitement.

“How did you know that we were coming here?” Troy asked Rozey. “I don’t know, but my dad owns the motel.” “Wow!” all the students were amazed to know that Rozey’s father owned the motel.

The staff then introduced the students to their rooms in the motel, and even told them the basic rules of the motel too. During the evening, the students prepared their balanced meals and the chef and waitress assisted them to put it on the table. Before serving, an inspector went to the table with marking criteria to collect marks of the foods. The meal was decorated by the students with their best effort to gain full marks. After having their cooked meals, they went to bed early because they were all exhausted from their day’s activities.

On Saturday morning, they woke up early and prepared themselves for the day’s activity. The first whistle blew and they went out for assembly. After necessary announcements and instructions another whistle blew and it was time for swimming race. The whistle seemed to be acting like a boss. Then another whistle blew and they all got into their house colours and heard their scores. Then they went for lunch and got prepared for the afternoon sessions. After lunch, the teacher gave them one hour break to do their own things and told them to listen to the whistle. This time Troy and Rozey spent time together and told their own stories. The other students used their free time to take pictures with their cameras and played their own games. The next whistle went and they rush into the computer laboratory to watch the science movie. After that they had their dinner and slept.

On the Sunday morning, the students wake up, packed their belongings and headed for the car park to go home. Troy and Rozey hugged themselves and fair welled safe trip as they all departed in excitement. Troy was happy that Rozey joined him at the camp even though it was an accident they really enjoyed each other’s company and went home with a lot of amazing stories.

*Ruben is from Enga and East Sepik province and she’s in grade 7 (yellow).

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