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My Masters and I

26 NOVEMBER 2020 MOSES ANDRIAS LOMBRUM, MANUS I’m lost in wonderment, Dazed bewilderment. You are so inconsiderate, Blind discourteous. Metals corrode, Rust accumulates. Do you hear yourself speak? Can you hear yourself speak? You say you want four… You can’t even sustain one! Give me what I need! Give me what I need! The yardsContinue reading “My Masters and I”

A Kokoda experience

Michael Dom For the Gordon Secondary School Kokoda trekkers, September 1996 It’s tough, bloody hard work Climbing mountains Any kind of mountain Whether it be Maguli Range And the Golden Staircase Or a mountain of homework But once you’re at the top It’s a fantastic feeling And a magnificent view It’s a long road we’reContinue reading “A Kokoda experience”

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