Ples Singsing bai pas na sanap nating long mun Mas dei namba 1 igo inap 12 long makim haus krai bilong leit Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare husait i lusim mipela long Februari 26 2021

Toksave bilong Tintgting bilong mi Essay Competition na Tok-singsing Try-outs bai kamap long Mas 13 2021

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I am a Book

By Hadasha John I am a BookI have everything and know anythingBut I am always alone.I need friendsSomeone to talk to, sing with or be with.If you find me, please pick me up or take me out.I’ll tell you lots of stories.True stories, imaginary ones, fairy tales, all kinds of stories.Even in movies or visitContinue reading “I am a Book”

The Lonely Classroom

By Choloe Jamlal Breeze blows right across the room. The fans spin in a clockwise direction with a swish, swish sound. A desk feels rough with gravity all over and the chair feels comfortable to lean on. Pens are so inky just suitable to write on a clean page of an exercise book. Classroom isContinue reading “The Lonely Classroom”

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